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  • Creative Stone Castings

    (Philip Bennett)
    Creative Stone Castings was set up 15 years ago by husband and wife partnership Jim and Dawn Oxenham. The company was originally based at a very small yard but has expanded to produce decorative stonework from larger premises in St Brelade.
  • Daisy Design Ceramics

    (Zena Gavey)
    I called my business Daisy Design Ceramics as my nan was called Daisy so I thought it would be great to name my business after her. I make all my Daisy items listening to Tom Jones as my nan was a huge fan of his! She would have loved it!
  • Didier & Christine Hellio

    (Didier & Christine Hellio)
    Christine and Didier Hellio are a husband and wife team growing a range of crops at their farm in St Ouen. They supply fresh vegetables to a range of outlets on the Island as well as their own farm stall.
  • Farm Fuels

    (Dougie Richardson)
    Here at Farm Fuels we take a substantial number of wooden pallet boards which are used to transport goods and materials from Europe and the UK to the island, and if not suitable to be re-used due to damage etc. we recycle them to make kindling. Local government and several large local businesses support us in this endeavour and our thanks go out to them for making this process possible.
  • Fauvic Nurseries

    (Stanley Payn)
    Fauvic Nurseries in Grouville, started a century ago when William Payn began growing outdoor tomatoes on land at Rocque cooled by the sea breezes, from the Royal Bay of Grouville.
  • Field Farm

    (Jenni Liddiard)
    Born out of a passion for producing top quality local products from animals that have an enhanced quality of life, Jenni Liddiard is the force behind Field Farm.
  • Forge Farm

    (Elise Stubbs)
    Elise is a flower farmer and florist growing at Forge Farm in the parish of St John. Elise’s flowers are grown without sprays, using the natural biodiversity of smaller plantings of pollen rich garden flowers to ensure that there is always something to pick during the summer.
  • Fungi Delecti

    (Jamie Racjan)
    Tucked away at the head of a secluded valley on the north coast of Jersey, Fungi Delecti is a family-run business that prides itself on delivering a bespoke food service for commercial kitchens and for home consumption.
  • G and H Agriculture

    (Georgie and Henry )
    G&H Agriculture was founded in 2021 by first generation farmers, Georgie and Henry. G&H is slowly growing, developing both our arable and livestock business with our focus on growing sustainable produce in traditional ways.
  • Gaia and Moon

    (Nat Howard)
    Born & based in Jersey, Gaia & Moon are a fully vegan, plant powered, small batch, skincare company with sustainability & earth friendly ethics at our core.
  • Gemma Eve

    (Gemma Eve)
    Gemma is a textile artist and illustrator who specialises in family, pet & home portraits in her own unique whimsical style. Gemma has combined her illustrative style with her love of sewing to offer unique appliqué & free hand machine embroidery portraits framed in embroidery hoops, along side hand drawn pen & ink illustrations.
  • George Marriott

    (George Marriott)
    George Marriott is a freelance landscape photographer from Jersey. His speciality is capturing unique and attention grabbing images of some of Jersey’s most famous and recognisable views.
  • Gorse and Lily

    (Anna Robertson)
    Gorse and Lily was born out of lockdown in a medieval farm house in rural St Peter. Anna creates unique and seasonal botanical jams and preserves, using mainly local seasonal fruits combined with botanical and herbal flavours.
  • Green Eye Productions

    (Lara Wallman)
    Green Eye Productions Limited is based in Jersey. Our main objective is to streamline the way in which films and stage plays are created and developed making them more sustainable whilst also improving the work/life balance for crew and actors alike. We are dedicated to building localised creative hubs with a solid infrastructure for the future.
  • Greengro Plants

    (Sarah Johnson)
    Sarah Johnson grows a range of plants and herbs, as well as fruit and vegetables, on her smallholding in St Peter, these are available from her road side stall on La Rue Du Petit L’Aleval. Here Sarah tells us about her business, Greengro Plants, and her journey to create an organic smallholding.
  • Haithwaite Ceramics

    (Claire Haithwaite)
    Claire makes ceramic pots out of Jersey clay. The clay is gathered at very low tide in the bay of Grouville, near Seymour Tower. Her pots have a very sandy, earthy texture but are glazed with a contrasting very shiny smooth finish. They all have very simple, minimal, clean lines. "Making the every day beautiful."
  • Hamptonne Farm Hens

    (Jon Emmanuel)
    Hamptonne Farm Limited is a small family run business based in the heart of Jersey’s traditional countryside in the parish of St Lawrence.
  • Hamptonne Wood Turning

    (Steve Pearl)
    Steve Pearl of Hamptonne Wood Turning creates bespoke pieces turned on the lathe at his workshop at Hamptonne Farm. He also makes unique pieces of furniture. The majority of his pieces are made from locally sourced wood, and finished with homemade beeswax. Some also have different coloured resin incorporated into them, creating truly unique pieces.
  • Happy Hens

    (Allan McCaffrey)
    Happy Hens is the oldest and largest producer of free-range eggs in Jersey. The company is based in Grouville – just inland from Seymour and Le Hurel slips – where approximately 8,000 hens produce around 6,000 eggs per day to meet the demand for locally-laid fresh eggs.
  • Harriet Docker

    (Harriet Docker)
    Harriet Docker is new to the island, bringing with her the award-winning Little Loaves business which delivers delicious cakes perfectly portioned for one person.
  • Heritage Jersey Apple Press

    (Hans van Oordt)
    Hans van Oordt is a garden designer by profession and moved to Jersey 16 years ago. He lives at Field House with his three sons George, Theo and Magnus.
  • Homespun

    (Irene Dawkins)
    Irene developed an interest in spinning more years ago than she cares to remember.
  • Island Kids

    (Samantha Fleming)
    At Island Kids we make gorgeously unique clothing for little ones from 0 to 8 years old. Featuring bright, bold and fun patterns and prints our children’s clothing is made to delight its wearers with all the characters that make their childhoods special.
  • Island's Choice Bakery

    (Joe Pinzari)
    We have been trading since 2012. Our products are made by our committed and skilled teams, suppling local supermarkets (also online), schools, caterers, care homes, corner shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants and takeaway outlets.
  • It's A Sign

    (Chloé Fosse)
    It’s A Sign is a local Jersey business making hand-painted wooden signs, it is owned and run by Chloé Fosse. Chloé started the business is 2013 and since then her signs have become more and more popular.