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  • Haithwaite Ceramics

    (Claire Haithwaite)
    Claire makes ceramic pots out of Jersey clay. The clay is gathered at very low tide in the bay of Grouville, near Seymour Tower. Her pots have a very sandy, earthy texture but are glazed with a contrasting very shiny smooth finish. They all have very simple, minimal, clean lines. "Making the every day beautiful."
  • Hamptonne Farm Ltd

    (Jon Emmanuel)
    Hamptonne Farm Limited is a small family run business based in the heart of Jersey’s traditional countryside in the parish of St Lawrence. Hamptonne Farm Limited is proud to be a member of the Genuine Jersey Products Association. Our aim is to provide excellent quality locally sourced free-range eggs.
  • Hamptonne Wood Turning

    (Steve Pearl)
    Steve Pearl of Hamptonne Wood Turning creates bespoke pieces turned on the lathe at his workshop at Hamptonne Farm. He also makes unique pieces of furniture. The majority of his pieces are made from locally sourced wood, and finished with homemade beeswax. Some also have different coloured resin incorporated into them, creating truly unique pieces.
  • Happy Hens

    (Allan McCaffrey)
    Happy Hens is the oldest and largest producer of free-range eggs in Jersey. The company is based in Grouville – just inland from Seymour and Le Hurel slips – where approximately 8,000 hens produce around 6,000 eggs per day to meet the demand for locally-laid fresh eggs.
  • Heritage Jersey Apple Press

    (Hans van Oordt)
    Hans van Oordt is a garden designer by profession and moved to Jersey 16 years ago. He lives at Field House with his three sons George, Theo and Magnus.
  • Home By The Sea Arts

    (Debbie Brown)
    I was fortunate enough to be able to spend my childhood on Jersey’s beaches and from a very early age I remember collecting sea glass and shells, or any other strange object which caught my eye.
  • Homespun

    (Irene Dawkins)
    Irene developed an interest in spinning more years ago than she cares to remember.