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  • Farm Fresh Organics

    (Steven & Linda Carter)
    With more than 200 vergées in three parishes, St Lawrence, St John and St Mary, Steven and Linda Carter are the largest organic farmers for the local market.
  • Farm Fuels

    (Dougie Richardson)
    Here at Farm Fuels we take a substantial number of wooden pallet boards which are used to transport goods and materials from Europe and the UK to the island, and if not suitable to be re-used due to damage etc. we recycle them to make kindling. Local government and several large local businesses support us in this endeavour and our thanks go out to them for making this process possible.
  • Fauvic Nurseries

    (Stanley Payn)
    Fauvic Nurseries in Grouville, started a century ago when William Payn began growing outdoor tomatoes on land at Rocque cooled by the sea breezes, from the Royal Bay of Grouville.
  • Field Farm

    (Jenni Liddiard)
    Born out of a passion for producing top quality local products from animals that have an enhanced quality of life, Jenni Liddiard is the force behind Field Farm.
  • Flour

    (Kirstie Taylor)
    The world is full of Cakes but we like to think ours are unique, something a little special. Our carefully developed flavours, have been tried and tested and are baked using the freshest and finest local ingredients.
  • Forge Farm

    (Elise Stubbs)
    Elise Stubbs of Forge Farm in the parish of St John is a small-scale flower grower and florist who specialises in growing English country garden flowers, wild flowers and herbs in her garden.
  • Fungi Delecti

    (Jamie Racjan)
    Tucked away at the head of a secluded valley on the north coast of Jersey, Fungi Delecti is a family-run business that prides itself on delivering a bespoke food service for commercial kitchens and for home consumption.