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The Association has just over 170 Members.  Our membership has diversified to include the wide range of businesses that thrive in Jersey.  There is a reason for this – members find a positive benefit in belonging to an organisation which promotes growth, sustainability and innovation.

As a marketing tool the Genuine Jersey mark is unique in Jersey.  It not only benefits those individuals or industries involved in the production of goods but it endorses the ‘Jersey’ brand, helping to generate a pride in the quality and value of Genuine Jersey products.

Below you will find the answers to the following questions - if the answer to your question is not listed please contact

1   How do I apply to become a Member of the Genuine Jersey Products Association?
2   How much does it cost?
3   What benefits do I receive from being a Member?
4   How is the Association regulated?
5   How is Genuine Jersey promoted?
6   How is Genuine Jersey funded?

How do I use the Genuine Jersey Mark? (This section for members includes advice on how to use the distinctive Genuine Jersey mark on your packaging, products and promotional literature to ensure the brand integrity is maintained).

1   How do I apply to become a Member of the Genuine Jersey Products Association?

If you are interested in becoming a Member please read the Charter and then complete and return the GJPA Membership Application Form 2023 pdf or Online Google Form and post or e-mail it to John Garton, Genuine Jersey Products Association, 31 The Parade, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3QQ or  An officer from the Association will arrange to meet you, to understand your production method and confirm that your goods meet the strict criteria.

Applications are considered by the GJPA Management Committee who meet quarterly and will ask applicants to supply a profile of their product(s). Membership will only be granted for products which currently exist. It is the product, not the producer, that is permitted to carry the mark and where a member introduces new products, a separate application must be made although there won’t be any additional charge.

If you have any queries about membership, please email

All applicants must comply with Jersey Financial Services Commission requirements, the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012 and any other relevant legislation (the following is meant as a guide only and specific advice should be sought from the relevant department):

Requirement to Register your Business Name:

Every individual having a place of business in Jersey and carrying on business under a business name which does not consist of his or her true surname without any addition other than his or her true first names or the initials thereof is required to register their business name.

To do this you need to go and see the Population Office in Social Security, La Motte Street, to obtain your sole traders license and also complete the NB01 form to register the Business Name.  Both documents will need to be returned to the Population Office.  Once completed the Business Name application will be sent to the JFSC by the Population Office in order for them to process the application.  There is a fee of £61.

[info from a new Member… to register a Business Name online you have to register for the JFSC My Registry portal and complete the online form, as well as completing form RBN1 as an attachment, and pay online. Also, if you are exempt from a Business Licence you can get around the compulsory online field by entering ‘000000’ and if you do less than 8 hrs per week you can enter ‘N/a <8hrs’ in the Undertakings box.]


Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012:
A LAW to establish a registration process for residents of Jersey and to make provision for the control of work and housing and for related purposes.
Please find below a link of the Control of Housing and Work (Exemptions) (Jersey) Order 2013.  Please see point 3(k) if you are a sole trader who has Entitled or Entitled for Work Only status, or a company with one member who has Entitled or Entitled for Work Only status and work in or for the undertaking for less than 8 hours in any week you may well be exempt - for clarification please make direct contact with the States Population Office tel 448913.
2   How much does it cost?

Membership fees range from £156 per year for an individual up to £1,386 per year for a company depending on the number of employees the applicant has. Subscriptions are renewable every January.  Please see point 1 above for details. (Note: Fees are charged pro-rata to the number of full months remaining in the year.) No fees are chargesd to students who are under 25 years of age and in full time education.

3   What benefits do I receive from being a member?

Membership enables companies and individuals to:

i)     use the distinctive Genuine Jersey mark on packaging, products and advertising material.
ii)    have a page on the Association web site.
iii)   tap into professional public relations and social media campaigns to help raise awareness of their business and products - PR advice.
iv)   attend a wide range of events and activities to maximise business opportunities.
v)    access special discounted rates for advertising promotions and subsidised rates to attend some events.
vi)   receive advice on branding, promotional mechanics, changes to legislation and local market conditions.
vii)  can apply for financial support to develop labelling and packaging for approved goods.
viii) can apply for code to undertake on-line Level 2 Food Safety & Hygeine for Catering Course.

ix)   New Members can also apply to join the Associations Commercial Combined Insurance Policy offered through and support by local insurance experts Islands, at a reduced premium. This scheme is for Members with turnover of less than £75k per annum.  There are 4 levels of cover:

Level 1. Public & Product Liability cover of £2,500,000 – annual premium £50 for Members due to the generous support from Islands Insurance.

Level 2. Public & Product Liability cover of £5,000,000 – annual premium £80 for Members.

Level 3. Public & Product Liability cover of £2,500,000 plus stock in trade and business equipment cover of £5,000 – annual premium £115 for Members.

Level 4. Public & Product Liability cover of £5,000,000 plus stock in trade and business equipment cover of £10,000 – annual premium £165 for Members.

Optional cover extensions of Employers’ Liability and Commercial Legal Protection are also available.

New Members interested in joining this scheme need to complete this pdf form and e-mail it to John Garton.


4   How is the Association regulated?

Membership of the Association is strictly regulated to ensure only those who can prove their products are genuinely Jersey are allowed to join. All applications have to be approved by the Management Committee which goes to great lengths to ensure every product meets the Genuine Jersey criteria before it can display the distinctive mark.

The honorary Management Committee includes three Members, representatives from various government departments and an independent chairman and vice-chairman.

The Management Committee includes a Trading Standards Officer who works in conjunction with Genuine Jersey’s CEO. They carry out spot checks on Members to ensure that products continue to comply with the original terms of their licence and carry the correct packaging and labelling.

5   How is Genuine Jersey promoted?

The Association spends in the region of £30,000 each year advertising the mark and encouraging consumers and shoppers to 'Look for the mark before you buy'. The mark is also displayed on a variety of products and point of sale material. In addition, a growing number of members have chosen to use the mark on their delivery vans which are seen by the public as they travel round the Island.

The Association also employs a professional public relations person who provides the local media with a regular source of stories regarding members, new products and events.

6   How is Genuine Jersey funded?

In addition to members' subscriptions, the Association receives a grant from the Government of Jersey. The promotion of the Genuine Jersey brand is in accordance with government strategies which promote sustainability and innovation in the land use and tourism sectors.