Genuine Jersey St Aubin Markets 2024

Dates: *Sat 23 Mar, *Sat 13 & Sat 27 April, Sat 11 & Sat 25 May, Sat 15 & Sat 29 June, Sat 13 & Sat 27 July, Sat 17 & Sat 31 August, Sat 14 & Sat 28 September and *Sat 19 October
(* = inside market only).

Set up is from 8am. Market starts at 9am. Ends from 3pm with staggered clearing away.
* the inside only markets on 23 Mar, 13 Apr and 19 Oct will start at 10am and finish at 3pm.

  • Outside - 3x3m Gazebo or 2 tables - £12.50 for GJ Members, £25 non-Members. (Pay on the day.)
  • Inside Hall - one 2ftx6ft table (provided) - £12.50 for GJ Members, £25 non-Members. (Pay on the day.)

Non-Members may only book up to 21 days before the market they wish to trade at.

All products must be locally produced and all traders must be local producers. Non-Members will be accommodated whenever possible, in the event of a market being oversubscribed GJ Members will be given priority.

All traders must have minimum of £2.5million Public Liability Insurance cover in place.

These markets are organised by Genuine Jersey and kindly part sponsored by local insurance experts, Islands.

Please note that for inside bookings one 2ft x 6ft table will be provided (no add-ons please), i.e. any extra display items must be behind your table, not in front or to the side.

Outside stalls needing electricity need to be near the harbour railings and need a pre-paid card from Ports of Jersey for the electricity - cables must be protected and not be a trip hazard.

You will need to sort out your parking - please be aware that if every traders parks onsite we will fill the car park and customers won't have anywhere to park!!


We have this new booking system… the link below will open a booking page in Eventbrite… click on the date you want to book… then the red 'Ticket' button top right... then select the type of pitch you want to book... there are three (self-explanatory) options... click the + for the option you want to book... click the red 'Register' button at the bottom... finally you will see a 'Contact Information' page... complete your name and e-mail address and click red 'Register' at the bottom. You will see 'Thanks for your order!' page appear along with the date and time of your booking... you will also receive a confirmation e-mail... 'Name' you've got tickets!' in this e-mail you will see red button 'Go to My Tickets' click on this... here you can print (not necessary) or CANCEL your order... if you want to cancel your booking please use this method rather than e-mailing me (simply to cut down on my admin - thanks).

   Link to make a booking:
   non-members may only book within 21 days of the market they wish to trade at
   Password:                       GenuineJersey24

Please do this for each market you want to book.

If the market you want to book is full - please e-mail me and I'll do my best to sort something out for you. 

Note: Please be considerate of other Members. Only book pitches that you intend to use - block booking 'just in case' you want it will be frowned upon as it blocks others from participating. Members who book but then regularly don't show or pull out at the last minute may have their future bookings removed to make way for others.


POSH Town Centre Trading Sites

To apply for a trading site in St Helier town centre please review this document and apply to Elise Wetherall


Market Trading Equipment Options:


It is important that gazebos meet British Standards and two suppliers Members have used are:

TFH Gazebos look at Heavy Duty version i.e. 40mm legs

Gala Tent look at Gala Shade Pro model


Useful Contacts / Information


On-line selling

There are a number of good options for local on-line selling:                     Use this link for their step-by-step guide to seting up your page.

If you would like an intro or help with any of the nabove please contact


Free English to Jerriais Translation Service for GJ Members 

We are supportive of the L'Office du Jèrriais  who are working to promote and encourage the use of Jèrriais in the business community. Jèrriais, as you will know, is Jersey's unique language and a vital part of our cultural heritage. Its use in your branding and promotional literature can identify your organisation more closely with the Island. It can be achieved for a minimal outlay, since translation services are available free of charge from L'Office du Jèrriais. Free lessons could even be provided for your staff by arrangement. Bi-lingual signs can be found at the Harbour, on the Parish of St. Helier's recycling branding and you will have seen the LibertyBuses with the Parish names in Jèrriais, so this is a growing movement. For more information visit the website or e mail


Tax Guidance for Self-employed People

If you are self-employed, you will need to submit trading accounts with your income tax return. These accounts must show your gross business income and any expenses incurred in earning that income. The balance left will be either your profit or loss for the year. This will not necessarily be your taxable profit or allowable loss as adjustments may have to be made to the profit or loss figure to reflect what is and is not allowable under the Income Tax (Jersey) Law, 1961.

For guidance please contact the Tax Office Helpdesk on 440300 or follow this link


The Howard Davis Farm Trust

Mention the name T B Davis and the words benefactor and philanthropist slip neatly off the tongue. This is hardly surprising because whenever we visit either the Howard Davis Park, the Howard Davis Farm or, perhaps, enjoy the full flavour of the Howard Hall in Victoria College, we are immediately reminded of the major legacies left to the Island by this remarkable Jerseyman. 

Continuing to add further to all these benevolent causes is The Howard Davis Farm Trust which was formally constituted in May 2009. The objects of the Trust are to promote -

(a)  training and research in respect of agriculture and horticulture in Jersey and/or other countries or territories;

(b)  the protection, enhancement, monitoring of, and training with regard to and research into the environment of Jersey and/or of other countries or territories.

With the proceeds of an annual income generated from the leasing of the Howard Davis Farm, the trust is able to offer direct financial support to local individuals seeking training and research into agriculture, horticulture and the natural environment, interests close to the heart of TB Davis.

Among those who have applied for and received direct financial support are many young local students who have benefited hugely from off-island training courses; from expert tuition in sensitive management of livestock and coastal habitat to attaining critically high standards of skill in tree surgery. Other successful applications resulted in an ambitious hedge-planting conservation project in two island parishes and full funding for glasshouse propagation benches at Acorn Industries.  Members of the Jersey Beekeepers Association recently attended a training course in Devon learning how to vitally maintain a disease-free population of honeybees.

Requests for financial assistance are always very welcome and strongly encouraged. Anyone considering setting up or expanding a Genuine Jersey enterprise in the agricultural or environmental areas, might consider applying to the trust for funding. Applications should include details of the relevant business case for the project and be submitted to Mr. Paul Tucker, Secretary, Howard Davis Farm Trust, Chaumarais, La Rue de Samares, St Clement, JE2 6LS.


ArtHouse Jersey Funding

Art House Jersey invests in artists’ development and the making of new work across all disciplines that has the potential to inspire, entertain and engage audiences.

They invest in artists through:

1. Grants - a responsive fund available to local artists to contribute to the cost of their own projects and development.
2. Commissions - available to local and international artists for projects that directly feed into our programme.
3. Bursaries - available to students pursuing further education opportunities in the arts.


The Rivington Travelling Scholarship

By the provisions of his last will and testament, Mr William Charles Richmond-Pickering bequeathed the residue of his estate to the States of Jersey to establish a scholarship to be known at the Rivington Travelling Scholarship.
The fund assists individuals of any age who have insufficient financial support to further their appreciation of art, craft and/or history by visiting museums or art galleries outside Jersey.
Guidance for Applicants
Application Form


The Art in the Frame Foundation at the Harbour Gallery in St Aubin displays the products of many of our arts and crafts members.


ECO-ACTIVE is the environmental awareness programme for the States of Jersey. The ECO-ACTIVE website provides the information, advice and details of local support to help you make the best choices for the environment.


States of Jersey, Health Protection Department - Food Labelling Order

Consumers are far more knowledgeable these days about the effects of food, they expect their food to be labelled clearly and adequately, to give an indication of shelf life, and to provide information about ingredients.

Jersey is obliged to permit the free movement of goods which can be legally marketed in the EU. Food is no exception. A large proportion of the food imported into the Island comes from the EU, and is consequently labelled comprehensively in accordance with EU legislation.

The Food Safety (Labelling) (Jersey) Order 2006 is intended to apply to all food, whether produced in Jersey or imported, but should not impose any more stringent requirements than are required by the EU, as this would be interpreted as a restriction on the free movement of foods.


Food Premises Registration Form

Please also find here an electronic version of the food premises registration form which all producers must complete and return.


Guidance on Food Hygiene Legislation

Please also find here guidance on the current food hygiene legislation and a pdf of the event catering guide. For further information and advice please contact the States of Jersey Health Protection Department Tel: 443712.


The Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018

The Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 gives citizens important rights including (but not limited to) the right to know what information is held about them, how that information is going to be handled, and the right to request correction of their information. The Data Protection Law in Jersey helps to protect the interests of individuals by obligating organisations to manage the personal information they hold in a fair, lawful and transparent way, as well as being accountable to their customers and to themselves for their actions. The Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner is the independent office responsible for overseeing the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018. Explore a wealth of data protection guidance and resources and contact the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner at


The Supply of Goods and Services (Jersey) Law 2009

Craft workers trading at markets have to conform to the same legislation as shops relating to Price Indicators (Jersey) Regulations 2008 which came into effect with GST. Basically, all traders must display prices of goods which must be 'unambiguous, easily identifiable and clearly legible'. The scope of the regulations cover goods, not services, and are limited to sales between traders and consumers. They require the selling price and where appropriate, the unit price of products to be clearly displayed.

Useful publications available from Trading Standards include: 'Shopper's Rights - a Guide for Consumers' and a 'Guide for Businesses on "the Supply of Goods and Services (Jersey) Law 2009'. Alternatively where the above regulation and guides are located.

Pre-Paid VAT Accounting Scheme run between HMRC, Jersey Customs and Jersey Post
You can download details of this scheme here IVAS - Pre-Paid Import VAT Accounting Scheme .

If you need any further information or have any questions/concerns with regards to the scheme, please contact.
Tricia Cowburn, Operations Compliance Administrator, Jersey Post.
Tel: 616517

Licences to sell refreshments

If you have a restaurant, café, snack bar, tea shop, canteen or any other place at which meals or refreshments are sold, you may need to register with Hospitality and Leisure.

To register, you should contact the States of Jersey Hospitality and Leisure Manager e-mail or tel 01534 448 132.



Established in 1986 and now the largest visual communications company in the Channel Islands, Signtech, A Sponsor of the Association, provides a full range of signage solutions and services ranging from design through to print, manufacture, servicing and installation.

With products ranging from stationery and POS, vehicle graphics, window films and fascia signs, full building wraps and the latest digital light boxes, they are able to cater to all levels of client.

As well as making a financial contribution to the Association throgh their Sponsorship they are extending a 10% discount to all Members.  (To claim your discount please simply advise them when commissioning work or accepting a quote that you are a member and they will check it against our website or with me.) 


Child Employment

On 1 October 2011, a new law came into effect in Jersey governing the number of hours young people aged between 13 and 16 can work outside school hours. This is to ensure that their welfare is looked after and that their education is given the priority it needs.

The introduction of the new law means that if an employer employs a young person aged between 13 and 16, they need to check the amount of hours that young person is working for them, as well as another employer, so that the young person does not work too many hours, and that the job does not start before 6 am, and finish after 8:15 pm.

This law applies only until the age of 16, and also governs weekend work as well as work before and after school. More information on the new law, including a FAQ section, which was brought in by the Minister for Health and Social Services, is available at:


Walk on the Sea Bed! Discover the incredible intertidal zone of the south-east coast near the oyster beds - an area that is covered by 40ft of ocean twice a day. Learn about the marine life and the maritme history and visit the offshore coastal towers.


UK VAT Guidance

This is a complex subject so it is important that you seek expert tax advice. The following information was recieved in July 2012 from HMRC regarding goods being sent to the UK for Exhibition purposes.

"As it would appear that these goods are being exhibited at a craft fair they will be allowed to be entered to the Temporary Admission Relief applicable to ‘goods to be used or exhibited at a public event’. To take advantage of this relief goods coming in from the Channel Islands should use the Customs Procedure Code (CPC) 53 00 003 on the C88 (SAD) import declaration. Further information on completion of a C88 declaration can be found in Volumes 1 and 3 of the UK Tariff which can be purchased from: TSO, The Stationery Office Limited, Publications Centre, PO Box 29, Norwich NR3 1GN, Tel: 0844 4777 414, Fax: 0870 6005533, Email: - you may also wish to contact your local Customs Office for advice.

Any goods that are subsequently sold at the exhibition and which will remain in the EU, will require a C88 diversion entry to be made using CPC 40 53 F41 (to pay the VAT) with the sales invoice providing the basis for the value. Any items that are unsold and are to be returned to the Channel Islands will need to be declared on an export C88 declaration using CPC 31 53 000.

Further information on the conditions and requirements that must be met when using the Temporary Admission Relief can be found in Notice 200 which can be accessed from the HMRC website using the following link - " ends.


Business Improvement Masterclass by Sponsor Paul Every of Solitaire Consulting 

On Tuesday 3rd June 2014 the first Business Improvement Masterclass was held on the subject of ‘Running an Efficient and Effectiveness Business’.

Click here to download a copy of the presentation slides.

The Masterclass was attended by members of the Association who contributed to the discussions and were presented with various tools and techniques to help them focus on effectiveness and efficiency.

Click on the links below for more information on the some of the subjects discussed:


Product Development (and supplying supermarkets) by Fraser Doherty

Fraser Doherty who started a jam company whilst still in his teens and now supplies over 2000 supermarkets worldwide spoke to a group of Members in June 2014 as part of Enterprise Week - these are the key points from his presentation with some great links.