Field Farm

Jenni Liddiard
Rue de la Golarde
St Lawrence

Telephone: 01534 855 864
Mobile: 07797 856 013

Born out of a passion for producing top quality local products from animals that have an enhanced quality of life, Jenni Liddiard is the force behind Field Farm.

The daughter of a Lincolnshire farmer, she has lovingly converted what was once a large potato field in St Lawrence, into a smallholding and her home. Actually, covering some 22 vergées, Field Farm sits comfortably on the scale somewhere between a smallholding and a small farm.

Jenni runs the only flock of Pedigree Welsh sheep - renowned for their superb flavour - in the Island. The lambs are reared naturally off grass on the lush pastures of St Lawrence. ‘Grown here not flown here’ is her motto and she prides herself on the high standard of welfare, which is reflected in the quality of the delicious, lean, tender lamb.

‘Half lamb’ boxes are for sale in the autumn – on a first come first served basis – but orders are taken all year round. 

Each box comes butchered, wrapped and ready to pop in the freezer and contains:
• 2 x Half legs of lamb
• 1 x Whole shoulder on the bone
• 1 x Rack (French trim)
• Chump chops
• Loin chops
• Baby breast ribs for stock or BBQ

Jenni also sells fresh free-range eggs all year round at the farm gate, as well as ‘point of lay’ chickens and runner ducks of various breeds and colours. 

Jenni’s latest venture is her delicious Genuine Jersey Pure Cloudy Sparkling Apple Juice – 100% pure juice, no added sugar or water just fizz! She won a coveted Great Taste Award for it in 2015 and it is available from the Farm, Classic Herd Farm Shop in St Peter, The Fresh Fish Co on Victoria Pier, Plemont Cafe and Cooper Coffee Café on the waterfront.

And if you want to follow her in her footsteps, Jenni also runs courses for those who want a taster session of smallholding and animal husbandry. Details can be found on her website