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  • Home By The Sea Arts

    (Debbie Brown)
    I was fortunate enough to be able to spend my childhood on Jersey’s beaches and from a very early age I remember collecting sea glass and shells, or any other strange object which caught my eye.
  • Homespun

    (Irene Dawkins)
    Irene developed an interest in spinning more years ago than she cares to remember.
  • Island Boho

    (Leonie Dean)
    I am a local artist making eco-conscious bohemian style creations for you, your home, businesses, gifts & special occasions. I specialize in handmade macramé, coastal art and home décor.
  • Island's Choice Bakery

    (Joe Pinzari)
    We have been trading since 2012. Our products are made by our committed and skilled teams, suppling local supermarkets (also online), schools, caterers, care homes, corner shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants and takeaway outlets.
  • Jan Conneely

    (Jan Conneely)
    Jan's Craft - Doodle Wire. I’ve worked in many different mediums throughout my ongoing practice, from working with glass and pebbles, to life size cement figures (much to the annoyance of my family!).
  • The Jersey Beekeepers’ Association celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017 and started its year of special events as a member of Genuine Jersey.
  • Jersey Dairy

    (Tony Reed)
    The Jersey breed of dairy cow originates from the Island and is quite distinct from all other breeds. Renowned for its beauty, ease of management and natural ability to produce rich creamy milk, the Jersey cow is a product of the Island, its soil and climate, the people and their history.
  • Jersey Evening Post

    (Victoria Pearce)
    Founded in 1890, the Jersey Evening Post has been ‘At the Heart of Island Life’ for over 130 years and is the leading news and information medium for Jersey, reaching over two thirds of all Islanders every week.
  • Jersey Flower Farm

    (Elise Stubbs)
    Elise is a flower farmer and florist growing at Jersey Flower Farm (formally Forge Farm) in the parish of St John. Elise’s flowers are grown without sprays, using the natural biodiversity of smaller plantings of pollen rich garden flowers to ensure that there is always something to pick during the summer.
  • Jersey Hemp

    (David Ryan)
    Premium British-grown CBD oil you can trust. Made from organically-grown hemp, right here in Jersey.
  • Jersey Honey

    (Shaun Gell)
    If the heart of our product range is the rich, 100% natural liquid gold Jersey honey, its soul resides within the hives of its tireless tiny procurers; the Jersey honey bee.
  • Jersey Memory Maker (previously known as Freddie's Footprint) is a local castings and keepsake service owned and operated by Emma Matthews.
  • Founded in 2007 Jersey Oak manufactures handcrafted, sustainable furniture and gifts on the beautiful island of Jersey.
  • Jersey Organic Yurts

    (Pedram Padidar & Corrine Davey)
    Jersey Organic Yurts (JOY) is a locally run family business that specialises in the manufacture and rental of bentwood yurts.
  • Jersey Oyster Co

    (Chris Le Masurier)
    Jersey Oyster Company is part of the modern local aquaculture industry revival of ages-old Island traditions and food production. Archaeological evidence shows that oysters were eaten by Islanders 6,000 years ago, and were fished off Gorey, in what is now the Royal Bay of Grouville, throughout the Middle Ages. By the 19th century Jersey was one of north-west Europe's main oyster producers with an estimated two billion oysters exported to English markets between 1810 and 1871.
  • Jersey Sea Salt

    (Matt Taylor)
    Matthew Taylor created Jersey Sea Salt which is the most southerly solar salt producers in the British Isles. A small-scale artisan business, staying local means he can produce sea salt in an environmentally friendly fashion, using low energy and low waste processes to turn local seawaters into pure salt crystals.
  • Jersey Seafood is a family run ‘fresh seafood, fishing and processing business’, we are a global export wholesale business.
  • Jersey Skin

    (Benjamin Martin)
    Jersey Skin offers a selection of moisturisers, lip balms, pillow mists, intense hand creams, scrubs and much more all containing ingredients grown on this beautiful island.
  • Jersey Turbot

    (Tricia Cowburn)
    Wild turbot is hard to come by off the coasts of Jersey, so Tricia Cowburn and family have remedied this deficiency with their successful turbot farm, accommodated in former German war tunnels at St Catherine’s Bay.
  • Jersey Wonderer

    (Collette Labey)
    Collette Labey began her journey as The Jersey Wonderer after helping her cousin bake them for a charity event in 2015. She enjoyed how baking a traditional Jersey recipe brought the family together and thought it would it be a lovely idea for a small side-line business.
  • Jo Logue

    (Jo Logue)
    I've re-discovered my passion for painting. Started in 2017 by painting mandala pebbles for family and friends, before making them as gifts. It is a relaxing and addictive hobby and I now have so many painted pebbles I would like to share with the wider public.
  • Joe Freire

    (Joe Freire)
    If there is one fruit and one vegetable that sum up the best of fresh seasonal homegrown British produce then it is the strawberry and asparagus.
  • Jonathan Le Maistre

    (Jonathan Le Maistre)
    Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Ltd is one of Jersey's leading professional tree management companies. Our fully qualified teams work in all aspects of arboriculture, from small private client work to utility companies and property development contracts.
  • Jools Holt

    (Jools Holt)
    I am exploring ways to transform traditional Jersey monuments, buildings and features into modern day icons so that they can reappear today as part of contemporary living.
  • JOY Woodcrafts

    (Pedram Padidar & Corrine Davey)
    JOY Woodcrafts is an offshoot of Jersey Organic Yurts (JOY) and uses left over wood from yurt builds to create chopping boards and wall art in various styles.