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Jersey Dairy has launched its first Frozen Yogurt in Jersey

Date: 05/09/2011 | Posted by John Garton
The new product is being sold in 500ml pots for retail sale and 4.5l trays for sale to cafes and restaurants. Janet Wyatt, Head of Quality at Jersey Dairy and responsible for creating the Vanilla Zinger, commented ‘Frozen Yogurt is slightly more sharp than ice cream which gives it a distinctive crisp and clean finish on the tongue. With a lower fat content than ice cream , but with the same creamy texture Vanilla Zinger makes a good alternative to a standard Vanilla Ice Cream without so much guilt!’Frozen Yogurt is one of the fastest growing dairy products globally with sales in North America spreading across the continent and even starting to replace one or two ice cream flavours in ice cream parlours.Usually served in a bowl innovation has already started with many UK sellers adding a variety of toppings to deliver a product exclusive to their outlet.

The retail 500ml pot is available in both Coop Grand Marche stores and it is hoped the product will roll out across all the Island’s many shops this summer. With only 4% fat it makes a great product for parties and, at this time of year, a refreshing treat with a BBQ.

‘Frozen Yogurt is a new product for us but also a fairly new product for consumers so we are proud to be one of the first dairies to launch a version ,’ added Janet.

‘The finished product is as fresh tasting and low fat as we intended so it is now over to the Island’s consumers to tell us what they think of it. To gauge that response we have set up a Facebook page where users can pass judgement and share their thoughts .’

Eamon Fenlon, Managing Director, said, ‘It is rare that a comparatively small dairy can bring to market a product so new to the Jersey and, indeed, British markets. Our first objective will be to see if the product gains support here in Jersey. If this goes well we then intend to extend the flavour range and then look further afield to an export customer. However, as with all our new products the work starts here amongst the Island’s population.’

For more information please contact Christopher Journeaux on 818502.

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