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From harpsichords to sterling silver; from telecoms to chilli sauce

Date: 06/06/2016 | Posted by John Garton

New members have joined Genuine Jersey this year – bringing more talent and diversity to the producers’ association.

They include:

Aida de la Herran Jewellery - Aida Neal (née de la Herran).

Aida designs and hand-makes jewellery in sterling silver, which sometimes incorporate objects she has found around Jersey, such as beach tiles, beach glass and semi-precious stones.

Aida was born and raised in the south of Spain but she went to university in America, where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, which included sculpture and jewellery design. After graduating, she built harpsichords and ultralight aircraft before working in real estate on the Mediterranean coast. She then met her husband, moved to Jersey, got married and had four children.

Fast-forward a few years and Aida rediscovered her love of jewellery making after attending courses at Highlands College run by fellow Genuine Jersey Member Lisa Le Brocq. From January, it became a full-time job, although she still experiments with painting and sculpting.

Aida’s most popular products are from her “Love Jersey” range, which includes either the Island of Jersey or a Jersey item (like a beach tile or beach glass) in the design. She makes bracelets, cufflinks, pendants and necklaces around this theme.

Aida has a website (, an online shop on Etsy and she will be selling from Glyn Burton’s shop at Devil’s hole and the Harbour Gallery in St Aubin. She will also be at the Genuine Jersey / Islands Farm and Craft Markets this year.

Lakey’s Originals – Ross Lake

Lakey's Originals is a small hot chilli sauce company specialising in exotic fruity flavour infusions. 27-year-old Ross, who is Transition and Change Coordinator at JT, hand-makes bespoke sauces, relishes and marinades with a chilli kick. 

Said Ross: “I began experimenting with weird and wonderful fresh ingredients from an early age. This developed into a passion of spicy food and the vibrancy of the fresh ingredients. I began mixing methods and recipes from around the world to create new concoctions and landed on a few lovely hybrids I wanted to share with others. Before long, my sauces were being asked for by friends, family and work colleagues so I thought I would start a business so everyone could have a taste of what I'm cooking.”

Ross is about to launch his first exotic fruit infusion: a hot chili sauce infused with dragon fruit called ‘Dragonfyre’. The sauce comes in three levels of heat: Vibrant, Original and Insane.

Lakey’s Originals are on sale at the Genuine Jersey / Islands Farm and Craft Markets this year and it is also available at or via a message on Facebook (Lakey's Originals).