Types of Jersey Shellfish


Have you ever tried … Lobster? If you haven’t - you must! It’s great for Lobster salads, Lobster thermidor, centre stage in a Fruit de Mer or how about Lobster Mac with cheese?

Spider Crab

Jersey Spider crab is  real local speciality… sweet and salty, perfect hot and cold in salads, sandwiches, crab cakes, chowders and quiche.

Don’t be put off by the name, they’re really great to eat!!

Chancre CRAB

The firm flesh of the Chancre is great in Crab Sandwiches and Salads, perfect for linguine or ravioli.

The Chancre crab is pronounced “Shan-Ka” Also known in the UK as a Brown Crab or Edible Crab… the French call them “Tourteau” as in Turtle!


So easy to prepare and cook, 2 minutes each side fried in butter.. serve with Chorizo, pea puree, asian style.. or Coquilles Saint-Jacques.. however you choose to cook and eat them, they’re always delicious.


Oysters are quite literally.. a taste of the sea, Go on.. give ‘em a shuck!

(Opening Oysters with an ‘Oyster Knife’ is called ’Shucking’)

Try them Au natural, (that’s raw) with a squeeze of lemon or with a little vinaigrette or baked in garlic butter or grilled with tabasco (other hot sauces also available). The possibilities are deliciously endless…


If you want to try something different, how about Whelks.

Simply boiled the traditional way, with salt & pepper, then dropped in to malt vinegar.. or why not try, Spicy whelks with noodles, or in Parsley and Garlic butter or Korean Whelk Salad.. mmm