Types of Jersey Shellfish

Let the experts show you how to do it...

If you’re not a SHELLFISH aficionado, don’t let that put off.. it’s so easy to prepare and even easier to eat!! 

Why not watch one of the handy videos below and let the experts show you some handy tips & tools.

How to Prepare a LOBSTER

Lobster is the most delicious treat and well worth the effort to learn how to prepare it properly

Let Great British Chef's show you - How to Cook a Lobster Click to PLAY

Or, BBC Good Food will show you how to prepare a Lobster  Click to PLAY

Alternatively, let Gordon Ramsey explain in his inimatable style Click to PLAY

Lobster thermidor mousseline with ginger jelly by Frances Atkins - Great British Chefs  Shellfish Button (1)

How to Prepare a CRAB

This handy video from 'The Great British Chef' shows you how to remove the meat from a crab.  Click to PLAY

Or, if you want to take it one step further Mr Seafood himself, Rick Stein shows you how to cook and dress crab.  Click to PLAY

How to prepare SCALLOPS

Opening, scallop shells and removing and cleaning the fabulous, delicate flesh is really straight forward.

This handy BBC Goodfood guide will show you how. Click to PLAY

How to prepare OYSTERS

The great thing about Oysters is that once they are open you can eat it all! You want to open them just before eating to keep them as fresh as possible and here’s how to do that.

Great British Chef’s show How to Open and Oyster Click to PLAY

How to prepare WHELKS

Whelks are usually sold already cooked and sometimes even shelled. However it is a simple process cooking and picked them out the shells yourself.

This handy video from ShellfishGB tells you all you need to know about whelks and how to prepare and eat them. Click to PLAY