There are a Million ways to Eat Delicious Jersey Shellfish

Lobster Recipes

Lobster Bisque 
Rian Handler - Delicious Magazine  Shellfish Button (1)               

Grilled Lobster 
Bryan Webb - Great British Chefs  Shellfish Button (1)

Lobster Thermidor
James Martin - BBC  Shellfish Button (1)
Lobster Cocktail
John Torode - ITV This Morning  Shellfish Button (1)                   

Lobster Linguine
James Martin - Saturday Morning  Shellfish Button (1)

Spaghettini with lobster
Rick Stein - BBC   Saturday Kitchen  Shellfish Button (1)

Crab Recipes

Thai Crab Cakes   
GH cookery team - Good Housekeeping Shellfish Button (1)         

Crab Linguine 
Angela Hartnett - Great British Food Revival  Shellfish Button (1)

Crab Omelette
Rick Stein - Rick Stein's Cornwall  Shellfish Button (1)
Baked Crab Custard Pots
Michel Roux Jr - BBC Saturday Kitchen  Shellfish Button (1)                    
Crab Toasts
Delicious Magazine  Shellfish Button (1)

Crab Mac & Cheese
Love Seafood Shellfish Button (1)

Scallop Recipes

Scallops with pancetta & mint butter   
Jamie Oliver - Jamie Oliver website  Shellfish Button (1)     

Scallops with ginger, soy and spring onion 
Rick Stein - Title Sussex  Shellfish Button (1)

Seared Scallops on pea and mint risotto
Delicious magazine  Shellfish Button (1)
Baked in the shell queenie scallops
Olive Magazine  Shellfish Button (1)     
Scallop Pops
Josh Eggleton - Great British Chefs  Shellfish Button (1)

Scallops with Chorizo
Love Seafood  Shellfish Button (1)

OYSTER Recipes

Fresh Oysters the old fashioned way 
Jamie Oliver - Jamie Oliver website  Shellfish Button (1)  

Beer Battered Oysters with watercress & Red Onion Salad 
James Martin - BBC Saturday Kitchen  Shellfish Button (1)

Grilled Oysters with butter
Scottish Shellfish  Shellfish Button (1)
Oysters with three sauces 
Good Housekeeping  Shellfish Button (1)    
Oysters two ways
Jo Pratt - Red Magazine  Shellfish Button (1)

Cooked oysters with burnt butter 
Jamie Oliver Shellfish Button (1)


Whelk Recipes

Whelks with garlic butter
Mat Follas - Discover Seafood Shellfish Button (1) 

Sauteed Whelks in conchiglie pasta shells with chilli, tomato and fresh herbs 
Brighton & Hove Food Partnership  Shellfish Button (1)

Whelk Fritters
Get Hooked  Shellfish Button (1)
Nick Macmahon - London produce Guide   Shellfish Button (1)
Deep fried whelks and cockles in a basket with beetroot ketchup
Michel Roux Jr - Saturday Kitchen  Shellfish Button (1)

Fresh Whelks with Shallots and Aioli 
Chef Jamie from Fishbox HQ  Shellfish Button (1)