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St Lawrence School Is King of Jersey Royals

Date: 27/05/2008 | Posted by John Garton
St Lawrence School has beaten 20 other schools to win the Jersey Royal Potato Growing Competition for the second year running.

Children from eight classes grew just over a kilo of potatoes in the competition, which was judged on Saturday 24 May at a ‘weigh-in’ at the Foire de Jersey.

More than 100 classes from 21 schools took part the competition, which is designed to support the science curriculum.  In February, each class was given two seed potatoes, a growing container and some compost and fertiliser. The objective was to produce the heaviest crop.

St Lawrence’s total crop weight of 1008 grammes beat their winning score last year by 20 grammes.   St Peter’s School came second with 673 grammes of potatoes.

As well as growing Jersey Royals, schools undertook projects about the history of the crop.  Their work was creatively exhibited using potato print paintings and sculptures.  The award for Best School Display was also awarded to St Lawrence School.  St John and Trinity Schools were given Highly Commended awards for their displays.  All exhibitors received a Jersey Pottery Potato plate from the competition sponsors, the Jersey Royal Company.

Genuine Jersey Merchandising Co-ordinator, Catherine Vint said: “I’m delighted by how the competition has gone this year. We had an incredible number of entrants and the children took the contest very seriously.  St Lawrence School has certainly proven its farming credentials – perhaps we’ve stumbled across the next generation of Jersey Royal growers!”