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Jersey schools get ready for potato weigh-in

Date: 20/05/2008 | Posted by John Garton
Island school children are finding out about commercial potato growing ahead of the final of this year’s Jersey Royal Potato Growing Competition.

First time entrants, Trinity School, are being taken on a private tour by the Jersey Royal Company, to see potatoes being harvested and prepared at the packing sheds.  More than 100 classes in 21 schools are participating in this year’s competition to see who can grow the greatest total weight of potatoes.

The competition is designed to support the science curriculum by showing children how things grow, and the importance of a balanced healthy diet.  It’s organised by Genuine Jersey and sponsored by the Jersey Royal Company.

Marketing Manager, Daniel Bennett, said: “The Jersey Royal Company is delighted to be involved with the schools project for a second year running. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm of all the school children that come on our visits.”

In February, all participating schools were given two seed potatoes, a growing container and some compost and fertiliser for each class.  Last year’s winners, St Lawrence School, grew potatoes with a total weight of 988 grams.

Genuine Jersey Merchandising Co-ordinator, Catherine Vint said: “I’m thrilled by the number of entrants we’ve had this year. It’s fantastic to see Jersey school children growing and learning about this unique Island crop. Schools have taken the contest very seriously and it’s anyone’s guess who will win at the final potato weigh-in.”

The final “weigh-in” will take place at the Foire de Jersey at 10am on Saturday 24th May.  A Jersey Royal Taste Challenge will also be taking place, organised by Genuine Jersey in conjunction with the Jersey Slow food Group.  It will run from 24th-26th May from 11am until 4pm.