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Featured Member: Peter Gosselin

Date: 14/10/2013 | Posted by John Garton
Peter Gosselin has been working with both wood and metal for many years, he creates a range of parts for fishing tackle as well as small gift items such as bowls and candle holders. He began working with metal and wood in 1955, at the age of 11, producing parts for fishing tackle, but has been working mostly with timber since 1998.

Peter is retired and began making decorative and gift items when his wife suggested he use his skills to make something pretty, as well as the more functional items. At first, Peter’s decorative items were given away as gifts to family members, but “production soon  exceeded the number of gifts my family required,” says Mr Gosselin.

A typical work day for Peter begins at 8am with making fishing tackle for two hours, then preparing for woodturning in the afternoon. Peter works from a small workroom attached to his home, just large enough for a custom-made woodturning lathe and very basic ancillary equipment. This is a perfect size as Peter prefers to turn smaller pieces, rather than larger scale carpentry or cabinet making.

Most of the timber Peter uses is locally sourced. The timber is often either reclaimed or is reused off cuts from the construction industry. With the help of friends, Peter is able to source many of the various indigenous tree species on the island. These are then converted to turning blanks and seasoned in house.

The most popular items with Peter’s customers are small bowls made with local interesting figured wood, and pencil pots.

A selection of Peter’s beautiful work is available at Rococo Art and Gifts in Liberty Wharf.

It is also possible to buy directly from Peter, enquiries can be made by emailing him at Also, keep up with Peter’s work by “Liking” his Facebook Page: Peter Gosselin - Wood Turning and Fishing Tackle.