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Classic Herd launches milk vending machine

Date: 15/04/2019 | Posted by John Garton

Classic Herd are proud to announce the launch of Jersey’s first milk vending machine at their St Peter farm. The machine delivers whole pasteurised unhomogenised cow’s milk, inviting customers to bring along a reusable vessel in an effort to cut down on waste and plastic packaging.


The vending machine is now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, dispensing volumes of one or two litres, with no limit to how much you can purchase. The cutting-edge technology has been installed at the farm in an effort to become as plastic-free as possible and to offer a natural product with zero food miles.


Julia Quenault of Classic Herd was keen to offer a vending option for her milk produce after viewing the technology in Aberdeen. The facility is only just taking off around the UK, with Alderney also trialling similar machines under a pilot scheme. 


Julia said: “We are committed to prioritising the wellbeing of our cows and delivering top quality and eco-friendly produce.  Being able to buy milk so fresh and local means there is less processing that takes place, enhancing the flavour from our famous cows. We invite islanders to come and try out the fresh milk to taste the difference.


“We hope this vending machine will not only encourage more people to buy their milk locally, but to reduce single use plastic and eliminate waste.”


To accompany the service the farm shop is selling Classic Herd branded eco-friendly milk bottles which can be reused to hold one litre of the milk. The milk has a shelf life of around four days after purchase, clean bottles and refrigeration offering the longest possible storage. All plastic bottles sold in the farm shop are also recyclable demonstrating their commitment to being an eco-friendly farm.


Classic Herd was the first farm on the Island to install a robotic milking system in 2017, allowing the cows to control when their milking occurs. This technology is believed to be much kinder to the animal and makes the milking process more efficient and economical.