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Genuine Jersey Sponsors St Aubin’s Food Fair

Date: 06/05/2004 | Posted by John Garton
The Genuine Jersey Products Association (GJPA) is supporting this year’s St Aubin Food Fair by being one of the main sponsors of the popular event on Sunday, September 12th. The event is the highlight of ‘A Taste of Jersey in Autumn’ week organised by Jersey Tourism to celebrate the quality and diversity of local produce. To mark the Association’s involvement the GJPA will be holding ‘A Goutez of Genuine Jersey’ – a series of tastings, cookery demonstrations and talks by Genuine Jersey members using home-grown products and local ingredients.

Development manager at Jersey Tourism Donna Le Marrec says: “We are delighted Genuine Jersey has agreed to sponsor what is a very important community event with a proven track record.

“There's always been a demand for locally-produced food and it's enjoying a significant revival at the moment. The Genuine Jersey message will be a constant theme throughout the week and we hope the Association’s involvement will raise its profile amongst locals and visitors alike”.

Genuine Jersey will have its own marquee outside St Brelade’s Parish Hall where it will hold different food demonstrations, displays and talks every hour between midday and 6pm.

Marketing Co-ordinator Catherine Vint says: “This is a fantastic opportunity for people to experience first-hand the magnificent flavours of local produce and learn from the experts how they are grown and delivered fresh to local suppliers.

“We will be teaming up the very best of our member’s seasonal produce to show people how they can serve tasty, nutritious dishes using home-grown ingredients to create imaginative or more traditional recipes”.

The activities will begin at 12 o’clock with a cookery demonstration of local Turbot supplied by Jersey Turbot in St Catherine’s, which is the only commercial fish farm in the Island and Buchot mussels supplied by The Jersey Oyster Company.

Later in the afternoon there will be tastings of three different types of Jersey strawberries, local raspberries and four varieties of locally-grown melons. There will also be a display of local tomatoes and peppers cooked with locally-flavoured oils produced by Jersey Provender as well as a chilli challenge using varieties grown by GJ Growers in St Ouen.

Melanie Drummond of Jersey Provender says: “I will be throwing down the gauntlet to see who can take ‘The Jersey Chilli Challenge’ and eat the hottest chilli grown locally. I use chillies of varying strength extensively in the sauces, oils and jams that I make. The idea of the challenge is to demonstrate the variety of chillies grown in Jersey –which are of similar strength to those produced in South America and the Caribbean”.

Catherine says: “The entire menu will feature exclusively local produce. For example we will be cooking Shitake mushrooms served with Jersey crème fraiche, home-made tomato juice and a whole range of dips featuring local ingredients with Jersey cruditees”.

The final session from 5pm to 6pm will include a cookery demonstration of Jersey Wonders, tastings of Jersey Lavender Shortbread made by Jersey Lavender, Jersey fudge made by Sue Le Gresley’s and tastings of La Mare Vineyard’s Black Butter on Cabbage Loaves.

A menu and information sheet will be produced for each hourly demonstration and include details of local suppliers and serving suggestions.