The Benefits of Buying Genuine Jersey Goods

Eat seasonally:

Nothing tastes better than the first Jersey Royals or strawberries of the season. Fresh seasonal local food is likely to be fresher and more flavoursome than food shipped long distances from other countries.

Support local producers:

Supporting the local producers ensures that the Island’s characteristic landscape continues to be preserved and that the industry remains sustainable.

Reduce food miles:

‘Food miles’ are the distance food travels from where it was grown or raised, through the distribution process before finally ending up in your shopping trolley. Buying local seasonal produce reduces carbon dioxide emissions, packaging materials and waste.

Preserve the environment:

Buying local and fresh produce means we can reduce excessive and expensive packaging - all you need is a shopping bag or basket! Good farming methods also help preserve the natural environment.

Support the local economy:

What better way to support the local economy than to buy locally grown and produced goods from local shops? We have some fantastic farm shops, small stores and supermarkets which stock locally grown items. Buying Genuine Jersey goods ensured that your money goes back into supporting our farmers, growers and local economy. Every £1 spent is worth more to the local economy when spent on local produce.

Provenance - traceability:

Wouldn’t you like to know that the hen which laid your eggs led a happy life or that your pig was well fed? Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown or raised enables you to make informed choices about the origins of your food.