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Featured Member: Lucie Marie Holt

Date: 10/06/2013 | Posted by John Garton
Lucie Marie Holt produces highly original artwork. Her distinctive style is informed by a range of influences from Salvador Dali to Victoriana. Lucie Marie spared some time to tell us more about her work and her amazing ‘Pigeon People’.

My name is Lucie Marie. I graduated in 2012 from the Foundation Degree in Art and Design course at Highlands College. I carry a clip board and paper with me all the time as I often have a spontaneous urge to draw. I draw in pen as I find the commitment motivates me more than pencil does.

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in art. At school I achieved my highest GCSE grade in art but I wasn't very good at self-motivated projects. I painted and drew a lot but I didn't like anything I produced. The first time I created something that I was actually proud of was when I was 23 and enrolled at Highlands College.

So much inspires me, before every drawing I have my own personal brainstorming session and write nonsensical lists, but some of the things that crop up every time are the Victorian Era, Salvador Dali and the novel by Patrick Suskind entitled 'The Pigeon'.

I have three jobs: I work at Lovebird Too at the Jersey War Tunnels; I face paint for facepainters ink.; I create and sell my artwork.

A typical day of creating artwork would begin with clearing my art space (which is my bedroom!) add an extra table and choose the books that I want to keep to hand. Then I brainstorm and write for about an hour, maybe create a mood board, then if I'm inspired I draw for about four or five hours. If I’m not inspired, I photocopy previous drawings and colour them in - for instance turning them all into regal characters. Having a studio in my bedroom then means I have to pack it all away!

The Pigeon People have been a huge success for me with Salvador Dali being the most popular. However I recently drew a 1920s girl for those who don’t ‘get’ The Pigeon People and, with the whole Gatsby craze at the moment, she has been very well received.

You can see more of Lucie Marie's work and read about her influences on her blog at or on her Facebook Page here.

Lucie Marie also sells some of her products at Lovebird Too at the Jersey War Tunnels and regularly takes part in the regular farm and craft markets that take place across the island during the summer.