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Please find below the terms and conditions relating to the free use of the Genuine Jersey Product and Menu Marks on your menu.  If you have any questions please get in touch with John Garton at Genuine Jersey

The Genuine Jersey Product Mark may only be used on a menu to identify Genuine Jersey dishes subject to the following conditions:

 1) All listed ingredients must be sourced from currently accredited Members of the Genuine Jersey Products Association and NOT just local or home grown produce. A full list of Members is available at

 2) The Genuine Jersey Product Mark may only be used to identify a Genuine Jersey menu selection along with the Brand Promise:  Your Guarantee of Local Provenance.

The following paragraph may also be used if you wish to make a feature of your support for Genuine Jersey: “Genuine Jersey is your guarantee of local provenance. The Mark allows you to make an informed choice to support the local economy, embrace seasonality and reduce your carbon footprint.”

3) The Genuine Jersey Menu Mark below is a Simplified Icon which has been developed to allow you to identify a predominant ingredient within other non-Genuine Jersey ingredients. 

4) Each page of the menu where a Genuine Jersey ingredient is identified by this Menu Mark must carry, as a page footer, the Simplified Icon with the following clarification: “Ingredient sourced from a Member of Genuine Jersey.

View or download the Genuine Jersey Menu Mark Leaflet. Genuine Jersey Menu Mark Leaflet

Creative Guidelines. Genuine Jersey Brand Guidelines

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