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Woodside beef burgers hit the shops

Date: 27/11/2006 | Posted by John Garton
At a time of year when many people’s thoughts are turning to turkey, local farmer Charlie Gallichan is about to launch a range of Genuine Jersey beef burgers. Made from 100 per cent local beef, the new Woodside Burgers will be available in Co-op stores from this week and the public are invited to join two tasting sessions to put the flavours to the test.

Refusing to be limited by seasonal expectations of poultry or game, Woodside Farm owner Charlie Gallichan is teaming up with local chef Mark Jordan to launch the burgers. The pair will be giving recipe ideas in Grand Marche in town on Tuesday and at St Peter’s Co-op on Wednesday.

Charlie said: “This is the right time for our business to be launching the new burgers. We want to walk before we run and if we wait until spring to launch the product then we may find that we can’t meet the demand – that’s how good they are! We want to test the local market first and now is a good time to do that.

“We’ve done a lot a research – and burger tasting – to come up with final recipes, which are made from 100 per cent prime tender beef with no preservatives or additives. Next week we’re launching a plain and a chilli variety, but if these are successful then we’ll build up to the barbecue season by introducing some new lines in the range. I don’t think the public will be disappointed by our burgers though – because they are made from prime meat they don’t shrink when they are cooked. They simply retain their wonderful, juicy flavours which are the result of using fresh local meat from the Woodside Farm butchery.”

To launch the new burgers to customers, Charlie has teamed up with the Channel Islands Co-op. Jim Hopley, the chief executive designate, said: “We have long since recognised the advantages of stocking local produce. It’s fresh, it’s good for the economy, good for the environment and there is really strong customer demand for it. We are continually looking for opportunities to work more closely with local growers and producers so it’s great that we are able to support Charlie’s business and put Genuine Jersey on our shelves at the same time. The Woodside Burgers are a fantastic extension to Charlie’s business and ours, and in-store tastings are a great way of capturing the public imagination and demonstrating the depth of local produce which is available.

Anyone wanting to see the demonstrations and sample the new burgers can see Mark Jordan this week at:

  • Grande Marche in town, Tuesday, 10am - 12pm

  • the Co-op in St Peter, Wednesday, 10am - 12pm.

There’ll be special recipe ideas available, plain and chilli burgers to taste and information on the ingredients and manufacture. The burgers are priced at £2.99 for a pack of four.