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The Results are in for the 2021 Growing Competition

Date: 20/05/2021 | Posted by John Garton

The results of the 2021 Genuine Jersey, Jersey Royal potato growing competition sponsored by The Channel Islands Co-operative Society, in what has been one of the driest growing periods in some time, are in.

Spirits were high during the in person weigh in at St Clement’s Parish Hall, where excellent yields were achieved. Starting in late January, Primary Schools, local media, the Women’s Institute and the Connetables have been nurturing their seed potatoes provided by The Jersey Royal Company, in a bid for potato growing glory.

John Garton, Chief Executive Officer of Genuine Jersey, said: “It’s fantastic to see so many people in person for this year’s weigh-in after last year’s virtual meeting. It's great to once again be able to see the sense of pride from all competitors. It doesn’t matter if a bucket has five or 55 Jersey Royals in it, it is clear to see that entrants have found joy in growing their potatoes and are always excited to see what the next bucket reveals. The Jersey Royal really is the star of the show!”

In the school’s competition, which involved all 33 primary schools, St John’s School won the heaviest crop award, with Year 3 coming in at a respectable 1,271g. Runners up were Year 5 HO at Grouville School with 1,180g. Year 2G at Grouville Primary won the schools’ most tubers competition with 62, closely followed by runner up Helvetia House Year 1 with 57.

This year, thanks to Jess McGovern of Cultivate, we also had entries from JCG Secondary School with pupil Sally Welburn winning both categories of weight and yield with her 27 Jersey Royals weighing in at 257g.  

Grouville’s Connétable, John Le Maistre had the heaviest crop at 1,371.5g while St Martin Connétable Mrs Karen Shenton Stone yielded the most tubers with 31 Jersey Royals in their bucket.

In the media competition, Channel TV’s Becky Lancashire won the heaviest crop award at 1,282.3g and James Jeune of the JEP came in on top with the most tubers, yielding 38 Jersey Royals.

The winners in this year’s Women’s Institute competition were split between a whopping weight of 1953.8g from Anne Perchard of St Martin and the collective efforts of the St Aubin and St Peter’s branch yielding the most tubers with 43 Jersey Royals in their bucket.

This year, the competition received great take up across the board and welcomed the addition of more than 400 Scouts who are set to harvest their crops in the next few weeks.

The Genuine Jersey Products Association are already looking forward to bringing bite sized buckets of Jersey farming to the attention of Islanders once again, for the competition's 16th year in January 2022.

John said: “It is fantastic to see more and more people get involved with the competition each year and I am keen to see how the event will progress for 2022. Jersey farming and the Jersey Royal are quintessential to Island life and the potato growing competition remains a fantastic opportunity to celebrate this.”