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The Genuine Article

Date: 13/07/2018 | Posted by John Garton

Genuine Jersey will be shining a light on its members for the month of August, with a social media campaign inviting Islanders to get to know the people behind the businesses a little better. Farmers, bakers, growers, fisherman, artisans and craftsmen will be furiously hashtagging and perfecting the art of the selfie in an effort to build a community amongst Genuine Jersey followers.

Following the success of social media campaigns such as “Meet the Maker”, Genuine Jersey have launched their own campaign entitled “The Genuine Article.” Members will be prompted each day to explore an element of their business, from why they started to what most inspires them working in Jersey, helping them connect more with their customers. Users of Instagram and Twitter can follow along by searching out #thegenuinearticle, with many using Facebook to play along too.  The best posts of the day will also be shared on the Genuine Jersey social media pages.

John Garton, Executive Director, Genuine Jersey Products Association said: “We recognise that more and more businesses are using social media to promote their products and we want to ensure that our members understand the power of utilising these platforms. We have focused this year on providing social media training to members, demonstrating how small businesses can have a powerful impact for very little cost.

“This campaign will not only help further spread the word of Jersey’s great local produce, but will challenge members to put their training on social media to the test. One of the greatest things about Genuine Jersey is the sense of community amongst members and I think this campaign will really highlight this to the public.”

Within their membership, Genuine Jersey members are offered guidance and advice on their social media platforms, whether it is an introduction to Facebook and Instragram or how they can extend their reach and audience. They also benefit from special discounts on advertising promotions, events and commercial insurance policies. All Genuine Jersey products bear the distinctive red logo, a sign of quality, local provenance and the very best the Island has to offer.

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