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Taste the Passion - Dairy

Date: 13/12/2010 | Posted by John Garton
Islanders are being encouraged to put Jersey dairy products at the top of Christmas shopping lists as Genuine Jersey’s Taste the Passion campaign focuses on the Island’s most famous fayre.

Jersey cows are renowned the world over for producing top quality milk so what better accompaniment to Christmas recipes than fresh cream – in its pure form or in simple to make homemade sauces.

Genuine Jersey member Jersey Dairy has joined the campaign to promote the versatility of cream in its various forms – single, double and whipping - as an accompaniment to mince pies, traditional pudding or other festive dishes or drinks.

The dairy’s marketing manager, Christopher Journeaux, said rather than buying readymade sauces it was quick and easy to make a sauce with fresh Jersey cream. Moreover the finished product was likely to be tastier and more nutritious.

‘Jersey dairy products are freshly-made, come with low food miles and are of high quality,’ he said. Jersey cream can be used in savoury and sweet sauces or simply open the pot and pour. A great deal of effort goes into celebrating Christmas so  why not go a little further and take a few minutes to use a local ingredient in a variety of accompaniments to some of the most important meals of the year.’

Jersey Dairy will be promoting the versatility of its dairy products, will be handing out free recipes cards and booklets, at free tastings in the Co-op Grand Marché in St Helier and St Peter on Friday 17 December.

The Chief Executive of Genuine Jersey, John Garton, said by buying local, Island shoppers would not only be savouring the taste and benefits of fresh produce – a key factor in dairy produce – they would also be supporting farmers and our world-famous breed of cows.

‘There are many readymade alternatives to fresh dairy products but nothing beats the real thing. We are blessed in Jersey with the finest dairy-producing cows in the world so  why buy imported products when our cows are milked every day to produce  fresh quality cream,’ he said.

Taste the Passion is designed to encourage consumers to buy local and in doing so, support Island producers and the economy

By engaging and educating the community, the campaign hopes to raise local awareness of the Genuine Jersey brand and to encourage consumers to make an informed choice. It is funded by a combination of money from the States Fiscal Stimulus Fund to support local businesses in tough economic times and also from the Channel Islands Co-Operative Society and participating producers. It began in August with the promotion of eggs and has subsequently featured organic farmers, fishermen, crabs, lobsters and scallops.