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Savour local menus this autumn

Date: 27/08/2020 | Posted by John Garton

Jersey Hospitality Association and Genuine Jersey have teamed up with the Appetite Eating Guide to launch ‘Savour’ festival, allowing islanders to enjoy a feast of local food at affordable prices. The festival will provide a platform of fixed price, seasonal local menus at special offer prices available only in October.

Savour Festival will focus on promoting locally used ingredients encouraging more people to dine out to support local businesses.

Ben Davies, Publisher of Appetite said: “Savour has been a project we have been considering for some time, but now seemed like the perfect time to launch in order to support the hospitality industry. Without a publication this year, it’s great to put our time and energy into something that positively contributes. We want to see as many restaurants as possible join, celebrating local culinary talent, promoting great value menus, but without any costs to them. The platform will offer the ability to add a menu that offers quality without compromise, utilising local ingredients. We hope that as a community we can come together to create a locally-based food festival. The event not only helps local businesses who have suffered as a result of the pandemic but also gives people a chance to dine out and enjoy our local cuisine, plus win a meal here and there too!”

Simon Soar, Chief Executive Officer of The Jersey Hospitality Association, said: “It’s been a challenging season for the hospitality industry, so we are delighted to be working with Appetite to give everyone a reason to celebrate our fine restaurants this October. This festival should reassure people that it is perfectly safe to eat out, whilst delivering the very best our chefs have to offer at the best prices possible.”

John Garton, Chief Executive Officer of Genuine Jersey said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the very best of what our island has through the seasonal produce on offer and the talent our local chefs bring to the table. Through the Savour platform you will be able to identify which menus contain local produce and we are working hard to encourage more restaurants to use the Genuine Jersey mark so that you can easily identity local provenance. Encouraging islanders to invest in local businesses will make their money work harder and keep it circulating in our economy for much longer.”

The festival will start on 1st October with Appetite offering the opportunity to win a tab of £500 at a restaurant of your choice with more giveaways during the event. To register for more details and your chance to win the prize, or register your restaurant please visit