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Quilters, bakers and caramel sauce makers – creative talent joins Genuine Jersey

Date: 03/08/2015 | Posted by John Garton

New members have joined Genuine Jersey – bringing more talent and diversity to the producers’ association.

The Genuine Jersey mark is the guarantee of local provenance and is recognised as a byword for the best that the Island has to offer. To carry the mark, goods have to be reared, grown or caught in Jersey or created by accredited Islanders and local businesses who qualify to be members of the Genuine Jersey Products Association.

There are now over 170 Genuine Jersey members. An independent survey released earlier this year revealed that an increasing number of Islanders and visitors want to buy and taste local products. It also showed that a third of local residents said that seeing the Genuine Jersey logo would ‘definitely’ make them more likely to buy the product.

New members include:

La Crémière – Annie Fenwick and Shelly Dodds

Annie was founder and former owner of Feast Restaurant in Gorey while Shelly is a qualified nanny. Both are keen foodies and felt there was a real demand for products that showcase the Island’s beautiful raw ingredients.

At La Crémière, Annie and Shelly make artisan food using Jersey cream and butter – the ultimate good-mood foods! Their first product is La Crémière Salted Caramel Sauce, which has a sublime taste and colour that could only come from Jersey’s famous breed of cow. Each jar of caramel is handmade using their own artisanal recipe and even includes Jersey sea salt.

Annie and Shelly currently sell their caramel sauce at markets and in La Belle Gourmand, the Fresh Fish Company, Midland Stores, Gorey Village Fruit Shop, Relish, Dunell’s at Beaumont and La Cave, Cocorico in Broad Street and the Central Market, and Fungi Delecti. They have sold over 1,000 jars since launching the product at beginning of July.

Due to customer demand, particularly from visitors who want to take a piece of Jersey home with them, La Crémière has also just released a range of 100 ml pots. The flavours are: Jersey Salted Caramel, Espresso Salted Caramel and Rosemary Salted Caramel.

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Crafty Quilters – Jenny Norman

Jenny has always loved crafts and remembers being inspired as a child by two of her aunties, who were both craft enthusiasts. She has always loved making things and has long dreamed of starting her own business.

With Crafty Quilters, Jenny will sell a wide range of homemade products, including fabric boxes, quilts, crochet baby blankets, dresses and bags. She has a website,, and she will soon be opening a small store opposite her home in Upper Midvale Road. A portion of her profits will continue to be donated to charities.

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Daz’s Dough – Darren Wallser

Daz's Dough started life as a hobby, with Darren baking artisan bread at home for simple enjoyment. But at the request of friends, he began selling his breads at car-boot sales. He now supplies the Fresh Fish Company with sourdough loaves and mini baguettes and his breads are also used by Relish, The Bastille Tavern and He will soon sell some of his produce at St Peter's Indoor Market on Wednesdays and hopes to return to car-boot sales in the not-too-distant future.

Darren’s passion is for sourdough, which is made from flour, water and salt, which rises naturally. The magic ingredients are the wild yeasts, acids and friendly bacteria naturally present in all flour, as well as the air itself. Sourdough bread is generally regarded as healthier than factory-produced bread because the fermentation process is complete before baking.

Darren makes a range of breads, including white sourdough, mini sourdough baguettes, soda bread, farmhouse and granary loaves, focaccia with various toppings and granary party breads.

Darren is a self-taught baker but recently completed a course in the UK on running a micro-bakery making sourdough. In future, he would love to open his own bakery and also learn how to bake traditional Jersey bread.

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