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Pots, pebbles and pupcakes get the Genuine Jersey seal of approval

Date: 19/07/2019 | Posted by John Garton

The diversity of Genuine Jersey has been further boosted with the addition of five new members bringing a range of talents and produce to Jersey’s largest community of local artisans, producers, growers and creatives.

Three local artists, Claire Haithwaite, Janet Conneely and Jo Logue now have the exclusive Genuine Jersey hallmark attached to their artwork due to their use of locally found materials. Using Jersey clay collected from Grouville Bay, Claire designs ceramic pots under her business ‘Haithwaite Ceramics’, while Janet creates sculptural figurines from metal and wire.

Jo Logue looks to Jersey’s coastline for materials for her artwork, painting pebbles and scallop shells with bright mandalas under ‘Jo’s Painted Pebbles' and portraits of the famous Jersey cow under the business name of ‘Herd of Jersey’.

Jo said: “My cow pebbles are designed to be taken from Jersey as a memento and photographed around the world, each one bearing its own number and name. The 200 that I have painted so far have been photographed in places as far away as Indonesia, China, Ecuador and Australia.”

Paw-some is the brainchild of Jill Underwood and sells locally-sourced dog treats, designed with dogs with dietary requirements in mind. Jill uses local ingredients to bake organic homemade biscuits, cookies, muffins and birthday cakes for canine companions, offering free delivery on the island.

Jessica Silver is the only fashion designer to form part of Genuine Jersey, creating made to order baby clothes through her business Silver Stitch. Jessica has been sewing since she was 10 years old, but decided to turn her hobby into a business following the birth of her children. Her clothes are all hand stitched and sewn within her Jersey home and available to purchase from the Harbour Gallery or through an appointment for a design consultation.

Jessica said: “I have always wanted to have the prestige of being a Genuine Jersey member and am really excited by the opportunities it will offer my business to get to that next level.”

John Garton, Chief Executive of Genuine Jersey said: “We should commend these five individuals for their successful application into the Genuine Jersey community. Applicants are judged on their use of local materials, the manufacturing process or growing/rearing of products and the skillset carried out by a resident in bringing these to market.  This criteria ensures that everything that bears the Genuine Jersey hallmark is of Jersey provenance and of an exceptionally high level of quality.”