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New Year means new members for Genuine Jersey

Date: 16/01/2017 | Posted by John Garton

A number of new members specializing in arts, crafts and design have joined Genuine Jersey this month – bringing more talent and diversity to the producers’ association.

John Garton, Chief Executive, Genuine Jersey Products Association, said: “We’re delighted to welcome these new members to the organisation and look forward to helping more local businesses develop and thrive in 2017.

“Art, craft, and design businesses are playing an increasingly important role in the island’s business community and contribute significantly to the diversity of what people can buy here.”


New members this month include:

Pebble.Love – Michelle Noel and Neil Kenny

Pebble.Love is a new and previously unseen art venture in Jersey. Michelle Noel and Neil Kenney chanced upon their artistic talents after a summer beach afternoon turned into an arts and crafts evening.

They make bespoke portraits using pebbles and other items such as driftwood, ribbons, string and carved wooden decorations. These portraits are then simply framed to bring a quirky art piece to their customers’ homes.

Michelle Noel, co-founder of Pebble.Love, said: “We hope to bring a piece of the beach into every home.”

Each of their Pebble.Love pieces are as unique as the pebbles they find on Jersey’s beaches. From pebble family portraits, to first born pebble moments, or picturesque pebble scenes every piece by Pebble.Love art tells a unique story.

Michelle and Neil can be found on Facebook (Pebble.Love).


Seaglass Jewellery by Judith – Judith Gindill

A recent move to live beside the seaside unlocked an unknown talent for Judith Gindill. After collecting copious amounts of sea glass on her daily beach walks Judith started to research how she could use them.

Entirely self-taught, Judith loves to experiment with new designs for her sea glass jewellery collections.  It is a delicate craft which requires lots of precision. To drill holes into the glass so it can be strung into jewellery Judith has to use a diamond tipped drill bit. The drilling must be done at a slow speed while the glass is submerged in cold water so the sea glass does not shatter.

Judith Gindill, founder of Seaglass Jewellery by Judith, said: “The sea glass found on Jersey beaches comes in lots of different colours, shapes and sizes. I find pairing pieces together with beads or pearls and turning them into a unique piece of jewellery really challenging, satisfying and fun. I love every piece I make, so I am always tempted to keep it for myself.”

Judith sells her jewellery through word of mouth, but plans to start selling at markets and craft fairs later this year.

Judith can be found on Facebook and Instagram (Seaglassjewellerybyjudith).


RA Design & Woodwork – Riccardo Anfosso

RA Design & Woodwork sets itself against the grain by avoiding contemporary influences. Instead Riccardo Anfosso’s designs are inspired by the mathematics of Leonardo Fibonacci and the stylisation of the Art Deco movement.

Riccardo brings his designs to life using the latest C.A.D software to create 3D rendered images of the woodwork before he starts carving. This way clients can modify designs and have an idea of what their piece will look like.

His path to woodwork design started after a shop fitting apprenticeship in the 1990’s encouraged him to join the Institute of Carpenters. In his spare time Riccardo used the offcuts from the workshop to make miniature items of furniture and keepsake boxes. He entered these pieces in the Jersey Eisteddfod and eventually decided to take on commission work. 

Riccardo Anfosso, founder of RA Design & Woodwork, said: “Working by hand feels natural to me. With a bohemian sense of the past, I like to think how humanity has developed the skill of crafting things from the earths naturally provided resources. My daily work brings me in touch with our evolved affinity for working with what is one of the most abundant natural resources on the planet. The wood from trees.”

RA Design & Woodwork can be found on Facebook (radesignwoodwork).


The Pottery Shed – Karen Hibbs

After undertaking a Highlands Pottery course for two and a half years Karen Hibbs decided to turn their new hobby into a business. A pottery wheel, a kiln and a shed later and The Pottery Shed was formed.

Ceramics produced by The Pottery Shed are all handmade and unique. Karen likes to experiment with new designs and ranges to test her creative talents. The Jersey cow range is particularly popular among locals and visitors alike.

Karen Hibbs, of The Pottery Shed, said: “I'm often asked at local craft markets where the pottery is made, and people love to hear that my ceramics are made in Jersey. Being a member of Genuine Jersey will confirm to customers that my ceramics are locally made and of the quality that one would expect from Genuine Jersey.”

The Pottery Shed sell ceramics at local craft fairs and markets, as well as selling from the Harbour Gallery.

Karen can be found on Facebook (The Pottery Shed Jersey).