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New survey reveals that the desire to buy local is increasing

Date: 16/03/2015 | Posted by John Garton

More and more of us want to buy products made and grown in Jersey, according to a new survey.

The independent study – commissioned by producers’ association Genuine Jersey every four years to get a sense of consumer trends – reveals that an increasing number of islanders and visitors want to buy and taste local products.

Although price will always be important, the survey finds that the number of people who value buying local is at its highest since the recession began in 2007.

Key findings include:

- A third of local residents said that seeing the Genuine Jersey logo would ‘definitely’ make them more likely to buy the product (up from 23 per cent in 2010)

- 40% of those questioned said that knowing a product was local would exert a strong influence on their product choice

- When it comes to making a buying decision ‘quality’ is the most important factor for islanders. ‘Price’ ‘locally produced’ and ‘organic’ have risen in importance since the 2010 survey.

- 33% of visitors said that seeing the Genuine Jersey logo would ‘exert a strong influence on their product choice’.

- 55% of local retailers felt that ‘locally produced’ was ‘very important’ (up from 24% in 2010)

The Chief Executive of Genuine Jersey, John Garton, said that the research was encouraging news:

‘The survey provides clear evidence that consumers in Jersey are engaged and more and more Islanders are thinking before they buy. Choosing Genuine Jersey is better for everyone  – taxes are paid in the Island, materials are bought locally, it creates jobs, it protects our countryside and it supports our manufacturing, creative, hospitality and agricultural industries.’

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