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New members spring into Genuine Jersey: Sea View Kitchen, Jersey Adventures of Captain Rupert, Bunnylove and White Shell Co.

Date: 02/06/2017 | Posted by John Garton

A number of new members all with different yet incredible talents have joined Genuine Jersey this spring – bringing more talent and diversity to the producers’ association.

John Garton, Chief Executive, Genuine Jersey Products Association, said: “It’s always excellent to welcome new members to the association. At Genuine Jersey we love to support all businesses who create top quality products using local ingredients.”

“Our new members this spring show the diversity of the product association members. Its fantastic that Islanders are able to make so many unique products using the natural resources available to us on the Island.”

New members this spring include:


Sea View Kitchen - Sandrine Stuart

After learning to make traditional French jam as a child, Sandrine understands the importance of using fresh ingredients and cooking by hand. When she moved to Jersey over 25 years ago, she was amazed at the fresh produce grown locally in the Island.

It was while helping to organise a school fundraising project Sandrine decided to put the abundance of wild blackberries on the Island to good use. For the first time in years, she started to make jam again. Sandrine’s jam received so many compliments she decided to apply for her Eat Safe Certificate and after being awarded five stars she registered her business, Sea View Kitchen.

Last Christmas she launched Sea View Kitchen selling jellies and figs in syrup and cognac as Christmas presents. The products received great feedback so it felt like a natural progression to join Genuine Jersey.

Sandrine loves experimenting with flavours and trying all the local produce for her recipes. Looking forward she hopes to develop an organic range of jams and jellies. Sandrine Stuart said: “My most popular jelly is pear and rosemary indulgence. It’s lovely on toast but also delicious with cheese – the stronger the better!”

Currently, Sandrine sells her jams, jellies and figs at the Fresh Fish Company, the Kitchen in Gorey Village and directly from her Facebook Page(


Alan Jeffries – Jersey Adventures of Captain Rupert

After working in accountancy for over 40 years Alan’s transition to being a published children’s author started with telling bedtime stories to his grandson Bertie.

Seeing how much his grandson loved the stories Alan decided to write them down and asked family friend Molly Hall to create illustrations to accompany the books for publication.

The Jersey Adventures of Captain Rupert follows a young pilot and his trusty sidekick Laurie the dog who live above the Aero Club in Jersey. The bedtime stories are set in Jersey and see Rupert and Laurie solving mysteries across the Island, a popular tale being that of the stolen Jersey Royals by a fake Jersey cow.

Bertie said: “They are very funny stories and I love my granddad reading them to me. I sit on his lap and laugh at Laurie the dog who eats seaweed and drinks bird bath water!”

Copies of Alan Jeffries series ‘Jersey Adventures of Captain Rupert’ can be bought from the Jersey War Tunnels, The Fresh Fish Company and Classic Herd at St Peter. The books will also shortly be available from Waterstones, La Mare Wine Estate, the airport and various Museum shops.


Bunnylove – Maria Le Lere

Bunnylove started as a hobby in 2015 when Maria taught herself to crochet. After expanding her skills to include further crafts through the internet and arts and crafts books Maria decided to launch Bunnylove in 2016 and start selling her products.  

Maria’s most loved toy is her soft bean shaped toy. Keen to support local charities, Maria makes a small donation to charity for each soft bean toy bought. A donation to the JSPCA is made for the dog toy version and a donation to Philips Footprints, a charity which supports parents after the loss of their child and promotes safer pregnancies, for the child’s toy.

Conscious that her toys should always be exquisitely made and also suitable for playing with, Maria ensures that all her toys meet EN71 CE safety standards. Only after her toys are approved does she advertise her new designs.

Maria said: “I put a lot of love into my designs so I want to make sure that the toys I make can be enjoyed safely and bring pleasure to the children and animals who play with them.”

As well as soft toys Bunnylove makes keyrings, hats and booties. Bunnylove products can be bought from Maria’s Facebook page(, Etsy, Bunnyhooks ( and Sassy’s Café at the JSPCA.


The White Shell Co – Lauren and Aran Clark

Artist Aran specialises in unique sea inspired sculptures. He salvages driftwood for sculptures, artwork and home accessories and decorates his designs with scallop and beach shells and other unique and interesting pieces that he scours from the local beaches.

A passion for Jersey’s beaches and the sea inspired Aran, who is self-taught, to create his exceptional pieces.

While Aran designs and creates the sculptures Lauren processes the orders and promotes the business on social media. On the weekends Lauren and Aran can be found at the beach, enjoying the outdoors and bouncing around new ideas.

Some of the most popular White Shell Co products are the gold, silver and copper leaf canvases, driftwood signs and sculptures.

Lauren said: “We absolutely love Jersey and think it is fantastic that small businesses are supported by Genuine Jersey. Its trademark helps us stand out to our customers and prove that we are committed to using the best quality local materials.”

White Shell Co conduct their main sales through their Facebook page ( Some of their pieces are also stocked in JooJoo’s gift shop in Rozel and they display some pieces in the Green Island restaurant and the Salty Dog Bistro. Their sculptures were recently borrowed for a Jersey Heritage shoot organised by Danny Richardson.