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Membership of Genuine Jersey Continues to Grow

Date: 16/03/2004 | Posted by John Garton
Since the Association began three years ago it has attracted twenty nine members who all produce goods either grown locally or using skills or materials unique to Jersey.

The new members, who were announced at last week’s annual general meeting, include Hamptonne Café, Jersey Lavender, Rondels Farm Shop, growers Richard and Nicola Le Boutiller and Sue Le Gresley who produces ‘Sue’s Fudge’.

Chairman of the Association, Hamish Marrett-Crosby says he’s delighted with the success of Genuine Jersey and believes the rise in membership is testament to the fact that local people and visitors to the Island are genuinely interested in where their products come from and how they are made.

“Jersey already has a strong reputation as an Island which produces high-quality goods and Genuine Jersey reinforces that message whilst also offering consumers a unique guarantee. I’m particularly pleased that we are attracting a wide variety of members who obviously see joining the Association as a real positive benefit to their businesses” says Hamish.

The café at Hamptonne Country Life Museum has been accepted for its traditional Jersey Bean Crock which is made using locally grown produce including vegetables and herbs. April Rosner, who runs the café with Louise Bates says: “For a small partnership like ours, joining Genuine Jersey is an acknowledgement that we are providing top-quality home-grown food – and doing it well!

“It is not only a confidence booster, which will help us advertise and promote the cafe, but it also gives our customers a recognised seal of approval.”

Jersey Lavender will be now display the Genuine Jersey logo on its range of lavender products, which includes essential oils, fragrances, lavender honey and dried flowers.

Local growers Richard Rondel of Rondel Farm Shop in Trinity and Nicola Le Boutiller of Woodlands Farm in St Helier have been accepted for their range of produce including potatoes and vegetables and fudge producer Sue Le Gresley from St Lawrence will be able to sell her confectionary carrying the Genuine Jersey brand.

The Association is planning a high-profile presence this year at a number of Island fairs and festivals this year, including next month’s Trinity Manor Farm Open Day.

Marketing co-ordinator of the Association Catherine Vint says: “Genuine Jersey will be on show at nearly all of the outdoor events this summer to give Islanders and visitors a chance to see first-hand the local talents, skills and materials that reflect ‘Genuine Jersey’.”