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Member Celebrates British Sausage Week

Date: 27/10/2009 | Posted by John Garton
A Genuine Jersey member is the most southerly sausage producer in the British Isles to celebrate British Sausage Week. Organised by the British Sausage Appreciation Society, British Sausage Week celebrates the taste, quality and diversity of the sausage. It takes place nationwide from 2 to 8 November.

Throughout the week, Me and the Farmer will be promoting their range of Jersey sausages made with locally-grown and reared ingredients at their farm in St Brelade and at Waves restaurant at the Bel Royal, where owner Andy Scott will be enticing diners with sausage themed dishes.

Me and The Farmer is run by Jon and Jenny Hackett at Brookland’s Farm, where in an average week they turn 100 kilos of pork into 1,200 sausages. All the products – including beef and lamb - are made on the farm to ensure everything is as fresh as possible, straight from the field to the fork.  Like many members of Genuine Jersey, Mr and Mrs Hackett’s business started as a hobby with a few Jersey cows and has grown into a menagerie of animals including rare breed saddleback pigs, Jacob’s sheep, chickens, ducks and a goat.

Mr Hackett said: ‘Our animals are not simply a commodity, to be exploited for pure monetary gain.  The farm has grown from a love of keeping animals and that is the way it shall stay. Anyone who passes by can see the pigs are kept outdoors where they are free to do what all pigs love, rooting around and wallowing in mud to their hearts content, with shelter when they need it. On a busy day when I could do with a bit of peace and quiet myself, I quite envy them.’

Mr Scott said he would be keeping his dishes as simple as possible so as not to overwhelm the flavours. During the week Waves Restaurant will be offering a ‘Big Bang Trio’ - three speciality Genuine Jersey sausages with traditional mashed potato and red wine onion gravy for £8.95

‘Jon devotes so much time and effort into getting his flavours just right so that makes our job all the easier.  We want our dishes to compliment those flavours while celebrating the great British – or in this case – Jersey banger,’ he said.

The Chief Executive of Genuine Jersey, John Garton, said events such as National Sausage Week were important in promoting the diversity and quality of local produce and products.

‘Since the Association started in 2001 it has attracted a loyal and enthusiastic membership. Jon, Jenny and their family have devoted a great deal of time and effort into their business which is reflected in the quality of their products,’ he said.

As well as promoting the great British banger, Sausage Week raises money for a chosen charity, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Like all participating producers, the Hacketts will be donating a percentage of sales to this worthy cause.