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Made in Jersey, an online marketplace for Makers launches this Easter

Date: 09/04/2020 | Posted by John Garton

A new online marketplace,, is launching this Easter and features products that are 'made in Jersey' from a variety of Jersey Makers. Customers will be able to shop for unique, original and thoughtful gifts for their loved ones from the comfort of their own homes and support small local businesses at the same time. 

The site offers Jersey-based Makers a central platform online, through which to reach their customers, both existing and new, who are no longer able to visit the many vibrant markets, shops and galleries that are normally available in the island. Made in Jersey wants to keep the local economy alive and help small businesses continue to thrive, not just survive, during these challenging and unprecedented times. If you are a Maker in Jersey, no matter the discipline, Made in Jersey would like to invite you to sign up and benefit from having your products marketed to customers across various channels and make use of the additional outlet to generate income, whilst the usual avenues of trading are closed or cancelled.

Made in Jersey is the brainchild of Carla Butler, who having seen in quick succession markets cancel, then galleries and shops close in mid to late March, realised that there was not an online Jersey-specific marketplace available for Makers through which to sell their work. She quickly set to work building the Made in Jersey website with these exact people in mind and then started to approach Jersey artists, crafters and makers of all kinds to invite them to list their work on the site. With over 20 makers already in the pipeline and more joining each day, Carla is busy wearing many hats to make her idea a fully functioning reality.

"I have dallied with the idea of creating an online marketplace in a similar vein to Etsy or NotOnTheHighStreet, but specific to Jersey, for many years but have never gotten round to setting anything up. When I saw the markets cancel and shops and galleries suddenly be forced to close in response to the Covid pandemic, I realised that it was the push I needed and it was time to finally do something about my idea! And so Made in Jersey was born. Once the name was decided, building the site and inviting the first Makers to join all took place fairly quickly and I'm pleased that we're able to launch the site just in time for Easter. The response from Makers here in Jersey has been fantastic and I'm so happy to be able to support local businesses at a time when generating income through traditional methods is so difficult. It is my aim to have as many Jersey Makers showcasing their work on the site as possible and I'm really chuffed to see local artists, crafters, designers etc adapt so quickly to selling online and show off what Jersey has to offer!"

Customers can browse the site, adding products from many different Makers before reaching the checkout and paying securely via PayPal using their Credit/Debit Card or PayPal account. Delivery is currently free island-wide with Makers utilising the fantastic service and network that Jersey Post still has to offer islanders. It is free to join the site so that Makers do not incur any additional expenses at this time, with a small commission fee payable on any sales, to cover transaction fees and the cost of setting up and running the site.

Paolo Sebastianelli, Peekazu said, “As a local business, we were approached by Carla to advertise our Jersey-based products on her new website. As a lot of our products are available locally in gift shops that are now closed, our sales have naturally dropped, so we thought it was a great idea that local businesses come together to showcase their products in one place. Not only is this great news for us, but also for other local businesses who can also benefit from further exposure.”

Georgie Ng, Creative Cottage said, “I was approached by Carla who created “Made In Jersey” on the off-chance I would be interested in getting my products showcased via her new website, in these uncertain times in Jersey as a small business, how could I say no! I was surprised at the ease and speed which Carla worked due to deadlines she had to meet. Should you be approached to get on board with “Made in Jersey” then jump on board and let people see what this little island can offer!”

Mandy Gagnerie, bonboncoland said, “I’m delighted to have joined as my local presence online for bonboncoland constructible chocolate and confectionery. In these uncertain times it’s ever more important for me to stay close to my roots as it’s in Jersey that I find inspiration for my work. Viewers to the site will find an array of superb products from local artists/artisans, when other ‘brick and mortar’ establishments have to remain closed and I would highly recommend a visit.”

Kat de la Mare, Mariposa said, “As a local artist here in Jersey, has come at the best possible time! I know that salaries for some are uncertain right now, but for those that might have a friend with an upcoming birthday or celebration I really hope this enables them to still buy that something special, and for those of us that are self-employed it will hopefully help us stay afloat in this extremely uncertain time. As postage times become more and more unpredictable due to the pandemic, I think it's a really good opportunity to drive home the message of buying local...we have SUCH an amazing amount of creative businesses here in Jersey, and I am really excited to be a part of this new venture.”

Lana Krost, LunaFreckles said, “I am incredibly excited to be asked to be involved with the online shopping platform Made in Jersey. There is a lot of talent and creativity on the island and to have a platform that supports all the artisans and to be able to share it with the Jersey community is a wonderful support & opportunity. In crazy times of uncertainty like these, being able to safely shop for that one special gift for someone, brings back a little normality in our lives, which we are all in need of, and hopefully encourages positive vibes and smiles around the rock whilst we endure these times together.”

Vince Thorne, Vince Thorne Bespoke Photography said, “The ‘Made in Jersey’ site is just what we need for local makers and artists like myself to take advantage of! We are living in very difficult times with no shops open and an online presence is definitely needed. For me, ‘Made in Jersey’ is a great, scalable platform on which to sell my bespoke landscape photographs and is suitable for a number of different makers and artists on the island.”

Sharon Packman, Shara Candles said, “As a local ‘maker’ the creation of ‘Made in Jersey’ is perfectly timed for me to showcase and sell my spring/summer range of candles.  During an uncertain time, when our normal buying habits have changed, such a dedicated website enables me to sell alongside other local traders giving everyone the opportunity to continue to buy local from the comfort and safety of their homes.”

Cathryn Ward, Skaapie said, “I am very excited to have a local website on which to sell my Genuine Jersey products that I design and produce myself. Most of my business is local so it makes more sense for me to use a website like this as opposed to Etsy, as I've noticed a big increase in demand for orders and commissions as people start to shop closer to home. I am also used to selling my wide range of felt products at events and fairs which obviously is not possible right now, so the need to sell online and be able to continue to work from home is greater than ever. Having a website where people can shop from all local producers and designers in Jersey is fantastic and I look forward to being a part of this collaboration.”