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Logo leads to purchase, say shoppers

Date: 02/02/2006 | Posted by John Garton
Seeing the Genuine Jersey logo on products is likely to encourage purchase, say 92 per cent of respondents to a recent survey commissioned by the Economic Development Department and the Genuine Jersey Products Association (GJPA).

More than 1,000 shoppers at various outlets were targeted with the survey during November last year and the overwhelming majority stated that the quality of Genuine Jersey goods and produce was the most important factor influencing their purchase decisions. The fact that products were local was second in shoppers’ minds, while price was the third factor mentioned, and being organic was the least important reason to buy produce.

Awareness of the Genuine Jersey brand and recall of seeing the logo on products were both high at 81 per cent. However, with the exception of foodstuffs, knowledge of the actual products falling under the umbrella was fairly limited.

GJPA chairman Ken Syvret welcomed the findings, saying: “The survey confirms that the motivation to buy Genuine Jersey products is strongly influenced by the support buyers are giving to the local economy and environment, as well as demonstrating a pride in local goods. The brand is becoming very well recognised and vegetables, fruit and dairy products are the items that receive the best recall. A detailed analysis of the survey’s findings will influence how Genuine Jersey is promoted this year. Our calendar of events for 2006 has just been finalised and we hope that initiatives such as activities with schools and increased promotion of the website will help to introduce Genuine Jersey to a wider audience.”

The survey was carried out by First Research Ltd among local shoppers to determine attitudes towards the Genuine Jersey product brand. Other than ‘in-store’ surveys, this was the first time that the GJPA had sought to probe public opinion about local products on an Island-wide basis. The response rate was just below 20 per cent.