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Jersey Royals, Tomatoes and Asparagus in Your Post Box

Date: 02/06/2008 | Posted by John Garton
An Island grower has launched a new mail order service designed to ship Genuine Jersey produce throughout the British Isles.

Freshly picked Jersey asparagus, a variety of succulent tomatoes and locally grown Jersey Royal potatoes are being exported under the brand-name Holme-Grown.

Stanley Payn, Managing Director of Fauvic Nurseries explained: “Jersey produce is exceptional and grown to a very high standard.  From farm to shop, the delivery is incredibly tight and we thought that bringing this produce to a wider market was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our products to new customers.

“It is a bit like the carnations from the Central Market that people send to loved ones at times like Mothering Sunday.  Instead of sending flowers, send a great range of fresh locally grown tomatoes, asparagus and potatoes.”

Genuine Jersey chairman, Ken Syvret, agreed and said: “People in Jersey are used to buying fresh locally grown produce but many people in the UK are concerned about their carbon footprint and the food miles that sometimes get chalked up when buying imported produce from places like Kenya or South Africa.  Buying food from Jersey means that these food miles are substantially reduced.”

Mr Payn said: “It is all about the taste of Jersey, being delivered right to your front door.”