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GJ goods selected for Co-op Homemaker

Date: 18/11/2010 | Posted by John Garton
The Channel Islands Co-Operative Society is supporting local talent by stocking Genuine Jersey members’ products in the new Homemaker at Grande Marché in St Helier.

The Co-Op’s Operations Manager, Paul Clark, said they were keen to support local suppliers whose products were as good if not better than UK competition.

‘We have a very strong local offer in our food business and felt that we could produce an equally good range in the non-food sector,’ he said. ‘The members of Genuine Jersey have real talent to produce quality innovative product and the entrepreneurial skills to turn their skills into successful business ventures.’

The products on sale in Homemaker come from the Jersey Pottery, artists Rosemary Blackmore and Lisa McDonald, photographers Kevin Brace and Kevin Miller and Jersey Oak. As well as stocking Jersey Oak’s furniture and home accessories, Mr Clark added, the company was proving to be an invaluable partner as Homemaker expanded its flooring range.

In addition Genuine Jersey artist Eddie Blampied was commissioned to decorate Homemaker’s interior children’s play area. Mr Clark said he had done a terrific job by bringing a child-like quality and fun environment which customers’ children were really enjoying.

The Chief Executive of Genuine Jersey, John Garton, said the Co-Op’s support for local producers would enable members to reach a wider market and to develop new products for the future.

‘The Channel Islands Co-Operative is a real champion of local producers, their produce and products and an invaluable partner for Genuine Jersey. For a store such as Homemaker to sell products produced in the Island is not just a boost for our members but for the local economy,’ he said.

Mr Clark said that the members’ products were proving popular with shoppers and they hoped to add more Genuine Jersey accredited products to the store’s range of goods in the near future.