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Genuine Jersey attracts new talent to the association

Date: 29/06/2018 | Posted by John Garton

The Island’s largest community of artisans, producers and craftsmen is proud to announce the further expansion of their membership, with several new local businesses having joined their fold. Kirsty Garcia, Laura Smillie and Wonderlands are just a few of the new members which will now bear the Genuine Jersey hallmark, a sign of local provenance and high quality.

Artist Kirsty Garcia is well known for her vibrant and colourful artwork and will be participating in this year’s Skipton Open Studios as a featured artist. With a keen interest in exploring new styles and techniques, her art and design work is very diverse, ranging from abstract paintings to jewellery.

Kirsty said: “My goal is to one day open my own art studio to showcase my work and to support the local art community.” Kirsty takes part in many of the Island’s celebrated markets and craft events and believes that Genuine Jersey will be the support she needs to take her business to the next level.

Laura Smillie also believes being part of a large community of artisans will bring a new dynamic to her business. Laura set up her business of producing hand crafted porcelain candle holder earlier this year. She admitted: “Being self-employed and working from home can get very lonely at times. As a new business owner, I’ve lots to learn about running a successful small business so it’s great to connect with other Genuine Jersey members to share our knowledge and experiences.”

Wonderlands is the name of Anna Renouf’s business, which includes a range of bohemian handmade macramé plant hangers. Her macramé pieces which will now bear the mark of Genuine Jersey, sprung from a love of plants and an interest in developing her skills in the bohemian 70’s craft. As demand for her products grew, Anna decided to start her own small business which specialises in design, styling and setting a stunning scene at events.

As part of the association, members are offered guidance and training on how to develop their business, the ability to attend local Genuine Jersey markets, access to discounted rates such as advertisement and insurance, along with branding and PR support.

The Association now stands at approximately 170 members, included a range of farmers, producers, craftsmen and artisans. Find a range of Genuine Jersey products at the St Aubin’s markets this summer or explore the Genuine Jersey website to see where you could be purchasing a piece of Jersey from.