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Genuine Jersey bi-monthly markets to resume in Island next week

Date: 11/04/2017 | Posted by John Garton

Genuine Jersey’s members’ markets are to start up again this month in St Aubins and The Royal Square.

The Islands ‘Genuine Jersey’ Markets, which are sponsored by Islands, give Genuine Jersey members an opportunity to showcase and sell a wide variety of the items they make, grow, or rear.

Eight markets will take place in St Aubins’s this year, from April to October, with another eight lined up for Royal Square. The first will take place Saturday 15 April, from 9am-3pm in St Aubins.

The markets will include food producers, artists, and local craftspeople, each offering a selection of interesting items, many handmade or homemade, that are rarely on sale anywhere else in the world.

Genuine Jersey Chief Executive John Garton said: “The markets are growing with every season and this is only set to continue with Islands continuing as a sponsor for the second year. The company is already a Genuine Jersey sponsor and supports the association through the provision of a collective insurance scheme for Members to cover public and product liability.”

Islands has been supporting Genuine Jersey members with tailored insurance cover since 2009, ensuring members can obtain the public liability insurance necessary to host a stall at markets and craft fairs, at the lowest rate.

Islands Director Jim Purkiss said: “Islands is a long-established local insurance broker which has always had very close ties with the farming, fishing, tourism and hospitality sectors. As a Jersey company, we recognise the importance of providing a local friendly service coupled with personal and professional insurance advice together with bespoke insurance products, specifically designed for Channel Islands’ residents. Most importantly, we have an in-house claims team to provide help and reassurance when needed.”

Jersey has a long tradition of hosting vibrant markets, with the market in St Aubins dating back to 1583.


Islands ‘Genuine Jersey’ Markets - St Aubin

Start 9am. End from 3pm
Sat 15 April, Sat 13 May, Sat 3 June, Sat 1 July, Sat 5 August, Sat 2 September, Sat 7 October

Islands ‘Genuine Jersey’ Markets – The Royal Square



Start 9am. End 5pm
Sat 22 April, Sat 27 May, Sat 24 June, Sat 22 July, Sat 26 August, Sat 30 September, Sat 28 October