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Genuine Jersey Wax for Surfers

Date: 10/03/2006 | Posted by John Garton
Home-grown surfing brand Funky Puffin is the latest new Member of the Genuine Jersey Products Association. It’s won approval for its eco-friendly surfboard wax, which is handmade in the Island using totally natural ingredients.

The main constituent of Funky Puffin’s surf wax is beeswax harvested entirely from Jersey beehives. It also contains coconut oil and pine resin – but none of the chemicals present in brand name commercial waxes. The wax is used by surfers to stop them slipping off their boards.

Funky Puffin has already sold the wax via its website to seven countries around the world. It is also aiming to sell to the Jersey surfing community this summer. It has a strong philosophy that applies to everything it does, which focuses on sustainable local products and high quality.

Andrew Scott-Miller of Funky Puffin says: “We’re big on ethics and we love Jersey but hate trashing the planet. I think the whole surfing world is very into the environment. In fact, they were the first eco-warriors. Our totally natural surf wax fits in with that. Jersey is our environment and we need to find ways of supporting Jersey and sustainable products.” The company hopes to develop into Jersey’s own extreme sports brand – but as natural as possible. It’s already planning a range of organic clothing and a magazine.

Genuine Jersey Chairman Ken Syvret says: “We are delighted to welcome Funky Puffin. Its aims and values fit perfectly with our own and it will help take the Genuine Jersey message to the heart of the Island’s younger generations. Surfing has been a quintessential Jersey pastime for years and highlights the best the Island has to offer to everyone who takes part.”

Funky Puffin isn’t the only new member. Two other producers have also joined the Association, bringing the Membership to a record total of 70.

Experienced local fisherman Don Thompson has joined for his wild line-caught bass, which are found in waters 100% within the 12-mile fishing limit. He is the secretary of the Jersey Fishermen’s Association and the first of a group of fishermen who want to promote their catch as Genuine Jersey.

“Our fish are hand-caught on a daily basis. There’s no trawling. It’s sustainable and impossible to over-fish. Wild fish are being edged out by farmed fish, which I’m certain is a poorer quality, but I think it’s important for people to see the Genuine Jersey label so that they have the choice and know exactly what they are buying,” Don explains.

The third new member is husband and wife team Gary and Sarah Leatt who produce Genuine Jersey honey from hives in the St Lawrence countryside. Members of the Jersey Beekeepers’ Association, they bottle all the honey by hand. Last year it was so popular that they sold their entire stock and this summer they hope to sell at markets and fairs around the Island.