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Genuine Jersey Royal Potato Growing Competitions 2014

Date: 23/05/2014 | Posted by John Garton

Nursery and reception classes took the top prizes in this year’s Genuine Jersey Royal Potato Growing Primary School competition.

The youngest of more than 6,850 children who took part used their tiny green fingers to best effect to grow micro crops in a bucket that exceeded their elders who competed in the Constables and Media competitions.

Bel Royal Nursery class grew the heaviest crop (1.347 kg), while St George’s grew not just the most tubers this year – but also in the seven years the competition has been staged – a whopping 55!

The Constable of St Clement, Len Norman, and the Constable of St Saviour, Sadie Rennard, shared the spoils between them, with each winning and coming runner up in their two categories.

For the second year running, Gwyn Garfield- Bennett of Connect magazine grew the heaviest crop among the Island’s media, with ITV Channel Television coming second. However, Channel grew the most tubers, with Bailiwick Express coming second.

The results:


Heaviest weight:

  1. Bel Royal Nursery – 1.347kg
  2. St Lawrence Reception 1.167.8kg

Most tubers:

  1. St George’s Prep - 55
  2. JCG Prep – 53

Course work:

  1. St Lawrence



Heaviest weight:

  • St Clement – 1.227.4kg
  • St Saviour – 1.056kg

Most tubers:

  1. St Saviour - 48
  2. St Clement - 38



Heaviest weight:

  1. Connect magazine – 752.9g
  2. ITV Channel – 583.9g

Most tubers:

  • ITV Channel Television - 32
  • Bailiwick Express - 27