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Genuine Jersey Member Achieves Prestigious Photographic Award

Date: 24/06/2008 | Posted by John Garton
A Jersey photographer has been made an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS).

Sheila Birch is the first member of Genuine Jersey to receive this specialised distinction from the prominent international society.  It is awarded for a high degree of proficiency and the demonstration of high technical and visual competence.

Mrs Birch, who is already a Licentiate of the RPS, submitted fifteen close-up images of Jersey’s coastline in order to gain Associate status. These images were judged by a panel of five judges.

Sheila Birch said: “This is a very exciting personal milestone and I feel honoured by this recognition. The fact that the judges were also unanimous in their decision to admit me and even asked to keep some of my images so they could be used as examples in future Royal Photographic Society workshops is something that I’m really delighted about. “

Mrs Birch has been a keen photographer for a number of years and regularly exhibits her work at the Harbour Gallery.  She is well known for her coastal photography as well as her original images which capture the quirky side of Island life.