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Genuine Jersey Gets Middle East Seal of Approval

Date: 29/09/2004 | Posted by John Garton
A founder member of the Genuine Jersey Products Association (GJPA) has won an international contract to supply a new luxury seven-star hotel in the Middle East with hand-made local produce. The award-winning Jersey Pottery will provide the entire range of dinnerware for a prestigious hotel in Abu Dhabi which opens later this year. The order, which includes 6,000 pieces, will be made from eight tonnes of clay and will be entirely produced by skilled staff at the company’s studio in Gorey.

Jersey Pottery Director Jonathan Jones says: “This is a tremendous achievement which will enable us to promote the skills and techniques of Genuine Jersey members to a discerning world-wide audience. This project is not only an endorsement for Jersey Pottery but demonstrates that the Island has the talent and resources to produce premium goods which are chosen above other world wide products for their quality and style”.

The size of the order means that five full time staff will be needed to work on the project for 14 weeks to ensure the deadline is met. The range of ceramics called Patiri Helix was created at Jersey Pottery  and is all hand thrown and glazed using traditional techniques. The ceramics, which will be used on a daily basis in the hotel’s Salsa Cabana restaurant, bar and café, includes tea and coffee cups, dinner plates, bowls, platters, salt and pepper shakers, vases and ashtrays.

Charlotte Langley Design Director says: “The range has a very contemporary feel and features a rich rustic red shade - the colour of hot spice, blended with a matt cream to reflect the vibrant and stylish dining experience of the hotel’s exotic Salsa Cabana restaurant. Each piece has been customized with a hand painted blue swirl to add to its exclusivity.

“The whole project has been a very exciting time for me and the production staff. It is a great challenge as we have had to stop all other production and concentrate all our efforts on this order to get the work finished on time”.

Jersey Pottery has been supplying top of the range hotels in London and Europe with various porcelain pieces for the past decade. Earlier this year they were asked by an international interior designer to supply a hotel in Malta with a range of plates for their restaurant and it was this order that led to the work in the Middle East.

Jonathan says: “Originally we are asked just to come up with ideas for the bar and café area but after seeing the quality of the samples we sent them and how quickly we could supply the items the hotel decided to kit out the entire restaurant”.

Vice chairman of the Association Peter Tabb says: “We are constantly impressed by the imagination and entrepreneurial skills of our members who continue to produce new high-quality products and explore new markets. We are delighted for Jersey Pottery for securing this prestigious contract and we believe it once again sets a new high standard for the Association”.