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Genuine Jersey First for Christmas

Date: 19/11/2007 | Posted by John Garton
Genuine Jersey, the organisation which promotes the diversity and quality of local produce, has created its first Christmas catalogue.  The sixteen-page booklet highlights the variety of products grown or made in Jersey.

Genuine Jersey has more than 80 members and the products included in the catalogue range from home-grown fruit and vegetables to surf wax and uniquely-crafted jewellery.

Chairman Ken Syvret said: “We are delighted to have produced our first ever Genuine Jersey Christmas catalogue.  We recognise that people often want to source local goods but are unaware of the range of products available in the Island.  I hope this catalogue helps people realise just how much variety there is. All the products featured have been selected because they are in season or easy for customers to buy.”

The catalogue also has an environmental message and emphasizes the importance of reducing food miles at Christmas.

“If all the food miles from one typical Christmas dinner were added together, they would stretch twice around the world,” Mr Syvret said. “Changes to our natural environment and the impact of climate change – as well as intensive farming methods – have increased public awareness of the importance of buying local and reducing food miles. Shoppers are increasingly asking where the goods they buy come from and how they were produced. We have included information on this in the booklet.”

The catalogue is available from Jersey Tourism, the Harbour Gallery, Maison La Mare, Parish Halls, farm shops, the RJA&HS and online at