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Genuine Jersey Christmas Crackers

Date: 13/11/2013 | Posted by John Garton
Simon Bellwood, co-director of Jersey Oak, has been working hard this year to develop a truly Jersey seasonal product. Collaborating with 11 other local producers, Simon Bellwood has created Genuine Jersey Christmas Crackers.

Jersey Oak has worked tirelessly to secure the highly credited Genuine Jersey brand for the crackers. Each cracker contains an original Genuine Jersey gift, a foil hat, the usual corny joke (but with a local twist), a beautiful festive Temps Passe image (kindly supplied by the JEP) and a quiz designed to test families’ knowledge of the island. The crackers are elegantly presented in a festive themed triangular box, with the crackers themselves being themed around the 12 parishes of Jersey and the Genuine Jersey mark of provenance.

‘We could have produced all the gifts for the crackers ourselves, [at Jersey Oak] but we wanted to involve our fellow members to make a product that is uniquely Jersey. Each gift has been handmade and with the exception of the foil hat and the snap that goes bang, all of the components have been designed, made and assembled in the Island. You can’t get better local provenance than that’ said Simon Bellwood.

In your cracker, you could find any of the following gifts, handmade by a Genuine Jersey member: Baby Oak Owl by Jersey Oak, Ceramic Decoration by Rosemary Blackmore, Lavender Bag by Lavender Hill Cards, Knitted Sock by Helene and The Elf, Handmade Soap by The Soap Mill, Vanilla Fudge by Sue’s Fudge, Chocolate Truffles by La Mare Wine Estate, Textile Christmas Decoration by Beanfrock, Textile Key Ring by Needle Tweedle, Wooden Honey Dipper by Timbercraft, Reindeer Cookie by Cookie Crew, Ceramic Decoration by Daisy Design Ceramics.

The crackers retail at £38.00 for a set of six and Mr Bellwood has already received orders from local outlets, hotels and restaurants. The crackers will go on sale in a number of outlets such as Harbour Gallery in St Aubin, Jersey Post Office, Jersey Tourism, Aurum Jewellers, De Gruchy’s and many more. They make ideal gifts to send to family and friends in the UK or overseas, as well as for your own Christmas dinner table.

‘A great deal of work has gone into producing the crackers and the price reflects the quality of the products within and the skills and techniques involved. Moreover, the jokes and the quiz will keep families entertained around the dinner table long after Christmas dinner. These are more than just crackers’ said Simon.

The CEO of the Genuine Jersey Products Association, John Garton, said such an enterprising endeavour by Jersey Oak offering a unique opportunity to so many members and sponsors was to be applauded.

‘Thanks to Simon’s initiative and the hard work of all involved we have a fantastic and highly original local product which carries the Genuine Jersey Mark to signify its local provenance. It is so gratifying to see members working together to promote local talent’.