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Genuine Jersey Adopts A New Charter

Date: 16/12/2008 | Posted by John Garton
A new set of criteria for membership of the Genuine Jersey Products Association is being introduced in 2009.

The Chairman of the Genuine Jersey Products Association, Ken Syvret, has written to members to inform them of the changes to the charter and membership and to invite each to renew their membership in January instead of March.  Annual membership on a calendar basis ties in with the financial year.

This year the Genuine Jersey Products Association became a subsidiary of Jersey Product Promotion Limited (JPPL) a body wholly owned by a special purpose trust under the umbrella of Economic Development.  The role of JPPL is to increase local sales for members of the Genuine Jersey Products Association and to develop export initiatives for Jersey producers. The Executive Director is John Garton whose responsibilities include the day-to-day management and continued development of the Genuine Jersey brand and providing professional marketing support and advice to members on a regular basis.

Mr Syvret said the amendments to the charter and membership criteria were a desire to treat all applications for membership of the association equally.

‘Following the deliberations of a sub-committee formed to examine Genuine Jersey’s  charter - and in particular criteria for membership - it was decided to adopt a similar system to that used by producers in Cornwall to market the county’s products. This will guarantee that every product application to the Association is treated in exactly the same way,’ he said.

Genuine Jersey was established in 2001 as a non-profit making body to promote goods which are made, reared, grown or caught in Jersey and its surrounding waters and which, because of their constituent and the skills involved in production, may be regarded as genuinely ‘local.’