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Featured Member: Pat-a-Cakes Jersey

Date: 29/01/2013 | Posted by John Garton

Jenna Johnson is the hugely talented cake designer behind Pat-a-Cakes Jersey. She uses fresh local ingredients and her amazing skills with sugar paste to create everything from cupcakes to wedding cakes. Here she tells us a little more about her business.

I'm Jenna, a former journalist, mum of two and now a cake maker/designer/builder and washer upper. I make all sorts of different cakes ranging from tasty cupcakes, themed cupcakes, cake pops, kids birthday cakes to elegant wedding cakes.



I've made cakes for as long as I can remember. My Granny used to bake cakes for charity cake sales and my sister and I used to help her on a Saturday morning. I then started baking cupcakes to take into work, and when my second son came along I decided to take the plunge and set up my own cake business.

Wedding Cake by Jenna Johnson

Anything and everything can inspire me. I love looking at dresses when I'm thinking up wedding cake designs, but I can also be inspired by an invitation or just certain colours. There are also some amazing cake designers around the world who inspire me every single day.

Jenna's amazingly delicate sugar paste decorations

No day is typical for me, which is part of the enjoyment. I can spend the day mixing and baking fruit cakes, designing wedding cakes, sitting down to make sugarpaste flowers and having wedding cake consultations, or I can be up late baking cupcakes and making buttercream so they are fresh for a big event.


Woodland Birthday Cake

It’s hard to say which is the most popular item I make. My raspberry cupcakes are incredibly popular, but my husband and sons are very partial to my chocolate cakes, and I love a slice of well matured (and slightly alcoholic) fruit cake.

A selection of cupcake flavours are available from Pat-a-Cakes

You can order cakes directly from Jenna, or ask for quotes, by emailing, or you can pick up fresh cupcakes at Coopers at Grande Marche or Coopers at Castle Quay. Also have look at the Pat-a-Cakes Facebook Page to keep up to date with all the delicious baking news from Jenna.