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Featured Member: Kathy Rondel

Date: 25/06/2013 | Posted by John Garton
Kathy Rondel's work is suffused with her love of the natural world, from her beautiful garden to the lovely coast of Gorey which is visible from her studio. Kathy also creates wonderful paintings of animals, from delicate birds in her garden, to beautiful and humourous paintings of dogs. Here, Kathy tells us a bit more about her work and inspiration.

I am self taught and still devour every art book I can find and visit as many galleries as possible although, sadly, never enough! All mediums interest me and although good drawing skills have been unfashionable for some time, I think it is now creeping back in and something I love.

My studio is on a hillside in my garden overlooking Gorey Harbour. It feels as if I have been creating art for several lifetimes but as "one never asks a lady her age" I won't be specific! Like so many artists I am constantly inspired by simple everyday life. My garden is an enormous passion of mine, not manicured but good enough for the flora and fauna which features so much in my recent work. I never tire of looking at other artists work, both old masters and I also have many great favourites in present day artists.

There is no such thing as a typical day, no two are the same but my favourite is to be able to spend a whole day in my studio, ignoring my computer and anything domestic (which is easy!) and shutting out the world for a while. I am fortunate to have an amazing family close to me so we spend a lot of time doing lovely things together.

Having sold so many Jersey cows over so many years I suppose they are my most popular paintings, followed by dogs, but I always have to tell people “that's not all I do!"

You can find Kathy's work on her website: She also sells prints and paintings at Rondels Farm Shop and Rococco at Liberty Wharf. Follow Kathy's Facebook Page to keep up to date with her new work and find out about her regular exhibitions around the island.

This weekend, Kathy is taking part in Skipton Open Studios 2013. You can visit her studio over looking Gorey, chat to Kathy and see more of her work. Details here.