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Featured Member: Jools Holt

Date: 16/12/2013 | Posted by John Garton
Jools Holt creates a wide range of mixed media artwork. Using photography, sculpture, painting, printing and digital techniques, Jools has built up a body of work that reflects her enthusiasm for our island. Jools has given us a peek at her inspirations and processes ahead of her exhibition which opens at the end of this week.

Hello, my name is Jools Holt, I have spent a lifetime loving art and art history. The last 37 years have been full of family and full time work, so making art was restricted to spare time only, but this year I decided it was time to become a full time artist. I use the term Artography to describe how I use photography and mixed media to create my work.

I attended art college at the North East Wales Institute, during the Punk era. A memorable time because of the music, clothes, attitude and images. I now live in St Ouen in the wilds, but still close to the sea. I like being near the coast and water but also living in the countryside and feeling away from it all. This island is amazing and it's history, tradition and features are unique, exciting and beautiful. Sunset over St Ouen's, the high tides, walking and taking photographs around l'Etacq, the changing weather and it's effects on the landscape all inspire my work.

I can't wait to get up and start work. I look out over fields as the sun rises and begin framing up a picture or working with clay. I can't work without a camera, laptop and paint, those would be my desert island luxuries. As I am building up my contacts I use the laptop for an hour or so each morning then on to the fun stuff.

In my ‘Jersey Icons’ series, I am exploring ways to transform traditional Jersey monuments, relics and features into modern day icons so that they can reappear today as part of contemporary living. I have 42 images in the series, the most popular of these have been the four pop art style Jersey Cows, closely followed by Caumine à Marie Best (White House) I think the primary colours and striking images attract. I use photography, painting, software, collage and sculpture to get the image I want.

I am also preparing an exhibition for the Jersey Opera House Bar - Venice Reflected -  a set of pictures from reflections on the water of the Venetian lagoon and the Grand Canal. This runs from December 20th to Feb 20th 2014.

You can find my work at the following places: The Harbour Gallery, St Aubin; Morton & Morton, St Peter; Jersey Tourism Visitor Centre, St Helier; and at The Christmas Shop at Fort Regent Ice Rink throughout December.

Keep up to date with Jools' new work via her website here:

And her Facebook Page here: Way Too Much Fun with Paint & Print