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Animated Addition to Genuine Jersey Membership

Date: 01/04/2005 | Posted by John Garton
A new variety of Jersey Royal has joined the Genuine Jersey product list. Sitting alongside the earth-covered potatoes of the same name are The Jersey Royals - the animated kind!

The popular cartoon series, which is set in Jersey and includes Chip the surfer and Spud the dog, can now carry the Genuine Jersey logo following the acceptance of Channimation Productions Ltd, the company that produced the series, as a member of the Genuine Jersey Products Association (GJPA).

Channimation is the first company of its kind to join the Association and along with fellow new members De La Haye Fisheries, Roger Thomas, Person & Friere Ltd, Sunset Nurseries Ltd and Homefield (Growers) Ltd brings the total membership to 49.

Hamish Marett-Crosby, chairman of GJPA, says: “It is hugely satisfying to see the membership of the Association continue to grow and in Channimation’s case, to reflect the diversity of genuinely Jersey products.”

Channimation is based in Grouville and was established in 2002. It is run by animator Tony Barnes, who created The Jersey Royals. He has worked in animation for over 30 years and his cartoons have been shown on Channel 4, BBC, ITV and internationally. These include Transylvania Pet Shop; The Shoe People; Potsworth and Company; and Viz Videos, when he worked with comedians such as Harry Enfield and Peter Cook.  Tony has received many awards for his work including a New York Film & TV Festival Gold and three BAFTA Nominations.

The Jersey Royals is aimed at a pre-school audience and the series was screened on Channel Television last year. It is now available on DVD at shops around the Island. To use the potato name which is synonymous with the Island, Channimation had to get special permission from Jersey Tourism.

Tony says: “We are delighted to have permission from Jersey Tourism to use the Jersey Royal name on the cartoon series, and it is wonderful to see it now recognised as a Genuine Jersey product. Not only will joining the Association help to raise awareness of Channimation’s work but it also gives you the feeling that you are supporting the local economy and being supported by other local enterprises.”

Leading local grower Roger Thomas, a former president of the Jersey Farmers’ Union, has received membership for tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums. De La Haye Fisheries has received membership for crab claws, crab meat, dressed crab, lobster whelks and scallops. Family-owned Sunset Nurseries in St Peter has received its membership for locally grown flowers and Person & Friere Ltd join the Association with strawberries, peonies, freesias and alstromeria. Meanwhile, Homefield (Growers) Ltd has received membership for vegetables, salads and herbs grown at the farm in St Clement.