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A Toast to Liberation 60

Date: 04/05/2005 | Posted by John Garton
When you toast the 60th anniversary of Liberation Day over the next few days, you could be doing it with a glass of official ‘Liberation 60’ wine in your hand.

La Mare Vineyards, a member of the Genuine Jersey Products Association, has produced a special red wine to mark the important anniversary. Made from a blend of Pinot Noir, Regent and Rondo grapes, the medium-bodied red wine is the 2004 vintage of ‘Bailiwick’ Jersey red.

Tim Crowley, managing director of La Mare Vineyards, explains that the idea of producing an anniversary wine came from the Parish of St Mary, where La Mare Vineyards is located. Several months ago, the parish’s Liberation 60 committee approached the vineyard and asked for a special wine to be produced for their celebrations.

The vineyard agreed and when 170 guests sit down to dinner at the Community Centre this Saturday (7th), they will do so with bottles of ‘Bailiwick’ on their table.  However, St Mary parishioners are not the only Islanders that can enjoy the anniversary wine. La Mare thought it was such a good idea that they decided to devote the entire 2004 vintage to Liberation 60 and over 5,000 bottles have been produced.

Tim says: “Having produced a special wine for the 1204-2004 celebrations last year, we thought it was a wonderful idea to do the same for the 60th anniversary of Liberation Day. St Mary is the home of La Mare Vineyards so we are particularly proud to feature in the parish’s celebrations. By devoting the entire 2004 vintage to Liberation 60, we also hope to be a part of the Island’s celebrations as a whole, and what better way to toast the anniversary than with a glass of wine that has been grown, made and bottled in the Island.”

As a mark of respect towards the Liberation 60 celebrations, La Mare Vineyards will be closed to the public on Liberation Day.